Pakistan Democratic Coalition

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Pakistan Democratic Coalition

Party-Pakistan Democratic Coalition.png‎
General Information
Country Flag-Pakistan.jpg Pakistan
Abbreviation PDC
Founded November 19th, 2009
Dissolved N/A
Congress Occupancy 0 /20 seats, 0%
Orientation Center-Left
Ideology Libertarian

Pakistan Democratic Coalition was a Political Party in Pakistan it was formed on November 19th, 2009. The first President of the Party is Ahsan Shahbaz.


Pakistan Democratic Coalition resulted when the members of Pakistani Republic Party broke off to form a Political Party Controlled by Sincere Pakistanis. It was the Night of November 15, 2009, when Ahsan Shahbaz who was the candidate for Party President and had 13 Votes from a 16 party members and was winning the elections with a considerable Margin. The Iranian Political Take Over Group stole the Party President Seat during the last 3 hours of the election and within a matter of hours it was decided to form a New Political Party to counter the Treat of Iranian PTO


All the former Pakistani Republic Party members came together to form a New Political Party, It was decided that Ahsan Shahbaz would be the First Party President and everyone will contribute to create a new Party. Here is the list of founders

Party Founders

# Founders Ranks
1 Ahsan Shahbaz Party President
2 Fruitcommando
3 Pak_Land
4 AncientPK
5 AhadJamil
6 Ishaqueghani
7 Kemas Khan
8 me.pakistani1991

Party Ideology


Pakistan Democratic Coalition is a party that believes in bringing together Pakistani's for the common cause of the establishment of true democratic values in Pakistani Society.

Party Seal

Party Seal is made up of Green Coloured Circle with Fist surrounded by a circle of stars. The Green here represents nationalism as green is the national colour of Pakistan, the fist is the symbol of unity and revolution and stars around the fist are the shining stars of hope.

Political Ideology

Pakistan Democratic Coalition is Party for Pakistani Youngsters. The Party believes in giving Pakistani Youth a chance to take part in politics and do wonders for this country. Party President believes that one day he would be successful in creating every Pakistani Citizen a legend for the nation.

Economic Ideology

Our Mission is to change Pakistan's Economy. We believe in empowering the people and in improving their standard of living. We think that we should provide more and more job opportunities, better wages. The government should enforce a tax policy that will promote local producers to offer low priced products in the market. We plan on working on a tax plan that benefits Citizens, Companies and Organizations as well as government to generate revenues needed to run the country.


Pakistan Democratic Coalition believes in giving Pakistan an Organized Military Force that will help us defend our borders and aide our allies in times of wars and conflict. We believe that Strong Military is a symbol of a strong Nation.


we think society is one of the most important parts of the country. A more close and trusted society leads to the success of the nation. We think that every Pakistani no matter what their background should have the right to practice their own cultural and religious traditions.

Views on Dioism

Pakistan Democratic Coalition respects dioism and dioists as one of the most practiced religions in Pakistan. However, Pakistan Democratic Coalition is open for both Dioists and Non-Dioists for the cause of Pakistan. We acknowledge the fact that Dioism is the biggest religion in Pakistan and has every right to be Pakistan's National Religion. PDC doors are always open for dioists and non dioists. We do not separate ourselves based on any eReligion. We believe more in individuals and what they can accomplish, it doesn't matter which group they belong to. At the same time, PDC Leadership has respect for all groups and their beliefs.