Pakistan Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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Pakistan Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Logo of Pakistan Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Country Flag-Pakistan.jpg Pakistan
Headquarters Quetta, Balochistan

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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Pakistan is the official diplomatic branch of the Federal Government of Pakistan. The Minister of Foreign Affairs is appointed by the President of Pakistan and the staff is appointed by the Minister. The last Minister of Foreign Affairs was Shin Gouki who resigned on 23rd January 2013.

Former Ministers

Duties of Pakistan Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The Ministry of Foreign Affair's main function is to maintain diplomatic relations with other Countries. The Ministry is responsible for communication and correspondence with both friendly and hostile Nations. Diplomacy is a key tool of good governance and the Minister of Foreign Affairs aids the federal government by bridging the gap between the world. The Ministry also aids the President and Ministry of Defense by requesting help from allies during times of war.

Pakistan's Current Diplomatic Stance

Pakistan is strategically located in the South Asian Sub-Continent and is surrounded by hostile nations. Pakistan chooses to remain neutral and is currently not in an alliance. Previously Pakistan was Pro CTRL, prior to which Pakistan was Pro ONE. Currently Pakistan has signed a MPP with the following nations.

Other Notable Nations with whom Pakistan has close ties with include.

Hostile Nations

Pakistan was recently attacked by Iran and some of Pakistan's regions remain occupied by China. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has been unsuccessful in starting a dialogue with China, due to which China is considered a Hostile nation. The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Pakistan has recorded his protest internationally on several occasions to end the occupation which has lasted for more than 500 days. Other hostile nations include Uruguay after an unannounced air-strike on Pakistan had created diplomatic tension between the two nations. However, Uruguay's invasion quickly ended when the military of Pakistan defeated Uruguay.


The Current Staff of Pakistan Ministry of Foreign Affairs includes the following individuals:

Position Name
Minister of Foreign Affairs Shin Gouki Resigned*
Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs TheJakal
Secretary Ministry of Foreign Affairs Axpaaz
Ambassador to Serbia St0L3n1
Ambassador to Chile kami4u11
Ambassador to South Asia Strywgr
Ambassador to USA Dio Killing Time

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