Pakistan Revolutionary Front

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Pakistan Revolutionary Front

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General Information
Country Flag-Pakistan.jpg Pakistan
Abbreviation PRF
President Ahsan Shahbaz
Vice President Raao
Members 24
Congress Occupancy 0 /20 seats, 0%

Pakistan Revolutionary Front is a leading Pakistani Political Party. Currently headed by Ahsan Shahbaz.


Pakistan Revolutionary Front started as movement to bring social and economic justice to the citizen of ePakistan. It started as movement to give young players the breathing space and guidance to work for the betterment of this country. Pakistan was governed by group of Elites who did not believe in empowering new and young blood and kept the control for managing the affairs of the country in their own hands. PRF was movement against such elitist politicians who governed this country through proxy candidates.

Raao, Ahsan Shahbaz and Policy realized the need for starting a movement to overthrow the dictatorial regime. The formation of PRF was welcomed by Pakistanis in large number and within one week PRF became the largest political in Pakistan. After that there was no looking back. Raao went on to become the President of ePakistan in the next few months and hence the success of revolution was celebrated by citizens across the country.

Aftermath of Revolution

After the revolution had been successful the founding leadership thought that the young Politicians of ePakistan should choose their own ways and the senior leadership decided to stepback from active political involvement. Raao, Ahsan Shahbaz and Policy decided to give the power in-hands of young soldiers to make their own ePakistan. Raao and Ahsan Shahbaz decided to focus on building a national Army and took role in Pakistan Army. Policy decided to free the world from pig disgusting individuals and went on meditation in mountains of Kashmir.


The Need for revival of PRF arose the after the founding leadership realized that a proxy government has once again become the way of life in ePakistan. The leadership of PRF could not stand such abuse of young citizens. The elitist system was once again enforced by certain elements inside in ePakistan. The State Bank of ePakistan a historical organization was sabotaged by a group of terrorist belonging to an Elitist organization.

Leadership of PRF has once again decided to return to Active politics and clean the country from these corrupt elitist. Hence the revolution has started once again. Comrades from across the country are gathering in numbers and planning for a new revolution.