Pan American Alliance

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Pan American Alliance
Flag of Pan American Alliance
Map of Pan American Alliance
Type Military Alliance
Members 5

The Pan American Alliance (PANAM) was an original idea of the former President of Mexico, Dhoo.

With the support of the citizens of Mexico, Dhoo messaged all the Presidents of the American Continent with the idea of creating a unique and united block of American countries. This American block would integrate the Economic, Defense and Diplomatic relationship between its members. Dishmcds, the former President of USA and creator of the first ONU in the New World, was the biggest supporter of Mexico's idea of a continental Alliance. After long negotiations, Canada decided to get out of the alliance, because they had entered the Northern Alliance and were have said that they never would trust the USA again. This resolution comes from the recent USA-Canada War. When Dhoo, left the Presidency of Mexico, the Pan American Alliance start to integrate less, and when Dishmcds finished his second term as President of USA the alliance finally collapsed.

From the ashes of the Pan American Alliance (PANAM), ATLANTIS and PEACE alliances were born.


Member countries (Light Green)