Panhellenic Socialist Movement

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Panhellenic Socialist Movement

General Information
Country Flag-Greece.jpg Greece
Abbreviation PASOK
Dissolved 31 July 2008
Congress Occupancy 0/40 seats, 0%
Succeeds Spartans
Succeeded By Elliniki Enotita
Orientation Center-Left

The Panhellenic Socialist Movement, better known as PASOK (Greek: Πανελλήνιο Σοσιαλιστικό Κίνημα, Panellinio Sosialistikó Kínima, ΠΑ.ΣΟ.Κ), is a Greek centre-left political party. It was formed after the party elections of the 10th of July from the former center-left party of the Spartans, by Dimitrios Lazarou, and a five other members of the Spartans, when they decided that a new party should be formed, on the principles of Democratic Socialism. The Party's official newspaper is "The Green Sun", edited and run by Dimitrios.

PASOK is founded in the principles of National Independence, Popular Sovereignty, Social Emancipation, Democratic Process. It is a party that fights for the right of the Greek citizen to a better life.

Party Structure

The First Movement's Congress, took part in July 2008 and agreed to this party structure and voted for its first representatives.

  • Party Congress
    • President: Dimitrios
      • Secretary: ggalan
      • Press Spokesman: Dim Artist
      • Local Elections Chair: m1kemath
      • Internet and Telecommunications Chair: prasinos
      • Youth Chair: Manos Mav

President's Dimitrios Lazarou Speech on the first assembly of the Panhellenic Socialist Movement's Students Organization

President's Dimitrios Lazarou Leadership Acceptance Speech


It is a great honour to receive this vote of confidence.

My special gratitude to you and to all the parties you represent here today.

I take this vote of confidence as a challenge. A challenge for me. A challenge for us. A challenge for the Panhellenic Socialist Movement.

The challenge is clear. We must strengthen our common will, our common voice, and our common actions to make our country a better place.

A place of greater freedom and democracy. A place of greater security, prosperity, less poverty and famine. A place of greater equality and opportunity. A place of greater social justice and harmony with our environment. A place of greater peace and cooperation.

These are ambitious goals. As socialists, as progressives, as democrats we have a moral obligation. To re-energize political life and give hope to the world. Our politics must be a politics of responsibility. Responsibility to our environment. Responsibility to each and every one of our country citizens. Our policies must guarantee responsible governance and institutions, working for and with responsible citizens. We must and can revive people’s trust in political institutions - but also in our citizens’ own potential. Our citizens alone have the collective power to change the world. We must place people again at the core of our agenda. In the peaceful struggle for change, I personally have also been inspired by such figures as Gandhi, Martin Luther King, and the humanity of Nelson Mandela.

These leaders embodied the values we stand for as progressive movements.

They have shown that we can choose a different path. This globalizing world is not a one-way street. We do have differences from our conservative counterparts. Differences in values.

First and foremost, conservatives try to impose their values on the world. We, socialists and democrats, attempt to unite people around our values. They speak of fear. We speak of security. They speak of walls. We speak of bridges. They speak of clashes. We speak of dialogue. They speak of free markets. We speak of free people. They speak of good or bad nations, good or bad religions. We speak of good or bad policies. They speak about the war on terror. We speak about the terror of violence. They speak to capture emotion through fear. We speak to liberate emotion through sincerity. They speak of adapting people to globalization. We speak of adapting globalization to people. They speak of the god above. We speak of the god within every human being. They speak about a smaller state - but mean a bigger state that benefits the few. We speak about a different state - and mean one that empowers the many. Theirs is a politics of contentment. Ours is a politics of knowledge. They believe in long working hours. We believe in creative work. When they speak of protection from terror, they often mean taking away our freedoms. When we speak of protection from terror, we mean strengthening our democracies and civil liberties. When they speak of leadership, they understand power. When we speak of leadership, we mean trust.

These values are an inspiration. We need this inspiration. I am humbled by the magnitude of our traditions. I am humbled by the fact that you have asked me to carry the torch of so many important leaders and uphold the values they fought for. I will try to live up to your expectations. I can do so only with you support.

In electing me, I understand that you have chosen someone who is a non-conformist. I am here to provoke in a friendly and comradely way. I am here to suggest. I am here to listen. I am here to help. That, I understand as my mandate. I will attempt to do so. But I can only do so with your close cooperation. Your confidence in me is my confidence in you. My challenge in the Panhellenic Socialist Movement is also a challenge to bring the best the progressive world has to offer to Greece and the Greek citizens.

In working with you, I can assure you that PASOK and Greece will become richer in ideas and inspiration.

This is the strength of our movement. We embody today - and this has never been more true – the slogan that we must think globally and act locally. But we also must think locally and act globally. I want to thank you in advance for our future cooperation.

Socialism is based on the belief that it is possible to forge an alternative, egalitarian system, based on values such as solidarity, freedom and cooperation. Socialism hinges on the belief that we can actually do something about the world - that we can change our fate. We are by nature optimists. We understand reality, but we know it can be changed. Today, we know that globalization is not a one-way street. We can civilize globalization. We can make globalization work for the citizens of the world. We can recapture the energy of socialism. We need to work closely with progressive movements everywhere - Latin America, the Middle East, Asia, the Mediterranean, Australia and New Zealand, Russia and the Caucausus, Africa, the Arab world, the United States, Canada, and Europe. We need to use the energy of men and women on the move. Men and women who take their marching orders from their heart and head. Men and women who believe in a better world. Men and women who possess a consciousness of shared roots, no matter what language they speak. With your help, we will all work hard to keep the flame of social democracy burning. A flame of hope for this challenging world.

Thank you.