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Parliament of New Zealand
Government of New Zealand
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General Information
Country New ZealandNew Zealand
Established October 26, 2010
Part of Government of New Zealand
Type Congress

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New Zealand

Government and Politics

Government of New Zealand
Prime Minister
Active Political Parties

The Parliament of New Zealand is the New Zealand name for eRepublik's Congress, to reflect the politics of New Zealand in real life. Members of Congress are referred interchangeably as Members Of Parliament (MP) or Congress members, but have no in-game differences from other nations.

Parliament elections are held in the New Zealand on the twenty-fifth day of each month and the Congress is inaugurated two days later, on the twenty-seventh day of each month, as in all of eRepublik.

The first Congress of New Zealand was inaugurated on 26 October 2010 (eDay 1071), a day after the first Congress elections in Flag-New Zealand.jpg New Zealand were held.

The review of all New Zealand Congresses by year can be viewed by clicking on the links at the bottom of the article.

Parliamentary Responsibility

Most countries have a slightly more advanced system where Congress Members can register at forums to discuss and decide on a lot more things than just sitting and voting on proposals.

Congress elections in New Zealand

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