Parti National du eQuebec

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Parti National du eQuebec

Party-Parti National du eQuebec.jpg
General Information
Country Flag-Canada.jpg Canada
Abbreviation PNQ
Website [Political platform (in English and French)]
Forum Forum link
Colors Blue, white
Founded April 12, 2009
Dissolved 2009
Congress Occupancy 0 /40 seats, 0%
Succeeds Bloc Populaire du Quebec
Succeeded By Union Nationale
Orientation Center-Left
Ideology Libertarian

The Parti National du eQuebec foremost represented the Quebecois people and all French-speaking citizens in Icon-Canada.png Canada.

The party was one of the top 5 parties in Canada, having 117 members at its peak.

Party leader

Leader From To
Miloslav April 12, 2009 July 2009

Congress members

April 2009

Congressmen Region
Miloslav Quebec
Francois Paradis Prince Edward Island
Turianel New Brunswick
Ozzel O'Dunn Yukon
Eric Boucher Quebec
Le Grand Monarque Manitoba

May 2009

Congressmen Region
Miloslav Quebec
Jilkor Saskatchewan
Galen Alda Newfoundland and Labrador
Samuel de Champlain Ontario
Eric Boucher Quebec

Presidential elections

Month Candidate Result
May 2009 Miloslav 12.60% (80 votes) - 3rd
June 2009 Miloslav 9.33% (90 votes) - 3rd
July 2009 Miloslav 7.68% (70 votes) - last (4th)