Partido Comunista de eEspana

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Partido Comunista de eEspaña

Party-Partido Comunista de eEspana.jpg
General Information
Country Flag-Spain.jpg Spain
Abbreviation PCeE
National rank 4
Forum PCeE
Colors Red
President New Mojiis
Vice President Drike
Councillor Mininuns
Spokesman Mskin4
Members 92
Congress Occupancy 7/40 seats, 18%
Orientation Far-Left
Ideology Totalitarian

The Partido Comunista de eEspaña (in english, Spain's Communist Party) is one the oldest political parties of Spain. PCeE had 7 country presidents[up to September 2012] which makes it, together with the PMV (Partido Media Vida), the party with most elected country presidents.


In 2012 the party reached more than 700 members and become the largest party in Spain and one of the largest in the New World.

Military unit

PCeE military unit Frente Popular eRepublikano (FPR) is a part of International Brigade.