Partido Comunista ePortugues

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Partido Comunista ePortugues

Party-Partido Comunista ePortugues.png
General Information
Country Flag-Portugal.jpg Portugal
Abbreviation PCeP
Newspaper Novas Fortes
Colors Red, Yellow
Founded December 2011
President MelkorPT
Members 55
Congress Occupancy 7/40 seats, 18%
Orientation Far-Left
Ideology Libertarian

Partido Comunista ePortugues is one of the oldest and largest parties in Icon-Portugal.png Portugal.

Party Statement

The purpose of Partido Comunista ePortugues is to increase the quality of life of non-goldbuyer Citizens. They value the opinion of the new-age revolutionary who fights and acts for what he believes and uses his/her voice to assertively and actively fight against populist attitudes, unjust economic reforms and fight for the defense of his/her quality of life.


Partido Comunista ePortugues (ePortuguese Communist Party) was created in December of 2011 by PHuSiOn9 under the name PCP to gather support from leftists to a country presidential candidate. Shortly after, Ratael97 announced his intention of running for party presidency, winning by a comfortable margin.

Since then some initiatives were undertook to make PCeP an instrument of change in Portuguese political and social values, such as the PCP's University (abandoned).

I Congress of PCP

The first Congress of PCP was a turning point for the party. It solidified PCeP's presence in Portuguese political sphere: It was adopted a new name, the opening of relations with foreign communist parties and the restitution of PCeP's University.

Party Presidents

President Tenure Note
Citizen4966531.jpg Ratael97 Dec 16, 2011 Feb 15, 2012
Citizen1382899 v2.jpg DMBoss Feb 16, 2012 Aug 15, 2012
Citizen4966531.jpg Ratael97 Aug 16, 2012 Sep 15, 2012
Citizen1382899 v2.jpg DMBoss Sep 16, 2012 Oct 15, 2012

PCeP Manifesto


The Partido Comunista ePortuguês (eCommunist Portuguese Party) is a controversial and revolutionary party, supporter of new attitudes and new approaches to counter a liberal democratic system based in a unequal and primitive representative schema. It rather seeks to gradually introduce a feeling of presence in Portuguese society, promoting the individual participation of every citizen in the decisions that affect the course of his/her country.

Thus, except in urgent matters, the Party President sees his/her duties suspended and replaced by a direct democratic system that decides in the following ways:

  • Together in Congresses, organized monthly and in the end of every partidary cycle;
  • Individually through surveys delivered by a comrade responsible by their disclosure.

With his/her powers reduced, the President gets the name of Secretary-General, serving his/her party with his/her opinion, his/her diplomatic experience and his/her representation.


A strong citizen contributes to a strong state. A strong state contributes to the respect of its allies.

As such every state branch has the obligation of providing equal evolution opportunities and principles, and a sustainable growth only applies for citizens with great economic power.

In the absence of means of economical protection, the state must, above all, seek solutions that promotes the individual growth and economic power.

If there's ways to protect the citizen from the influence of the capitalist market, every efforts must be made to grant it, using all means at our disposal to ensure the nation's economical independence!


All communist must advocate the idea of a state with its own means of protection. A sovereign, stable and powerful state army is the nation's greatest defensive barrier.

Sovereignty is considered the group of regions Norte, Centro, Alentejo, Algarve, Madeira, Azores and Lisbon as its capital.

Every regions obtained by rental or conquest serves as logistic and economic support in the defense and emancipation of the sovereign regions, being an act of aggression to a country an act of violence justifiable by resource scarcity and/or alliance's orders.

The attempted or effective bargain of sovereign regions is considered high treason and an hostile act against its people. Its authors should be deposed and their access to organs of decision immediately barred!


The Partido Comunista ePortuguês tries, with its contradictory ideals against the support of an individualist lifestyle by this game, to provoke discussions, solve problems and implement avant-garde debate and decision methods that above all defends the non-paying citizen, considering the acquisition of Gold an inaccessible or incomprehensible luxury to the majority.

As such, the doctrine of payments to the obtaining of wealth must be discouraged, favoring the fair-play and the search of methods that favor all, instead of an elite.

The fair-play and the protection of the Portuguese identity must also be extended to all branches of the civil society, considering all acts of hostility against the country and act of aggression against its citizens. Also, the breaking of eRepublik rules must be considered an act of social injustice.

Manifesto eComunista