Partido Democratico

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Partido Democratico

Party-Partido Democratico.jpg
General Information
Country Flag-Portugal.jpg Portugal
Abbreviation PD
Founded 29 March 2011
President Kazuto
Members 72
Congress Occupancy 7/40 seats, 18%
Succeeds Anadrii
Orientation Centro
Ideology Libertarian

Partido Democrático is a political party in Portugal.

It is ranked in the top 5 political parties in the country ands its members can take part in Congress election.

It all began in early March 2011 in preparatory meetings for the formation of political party which will be named - PARTIDO DEMOCRÁTICO.

At the time gathered fgsilva, Lucifel, TarnakPT, John Ega and EinsteinCMPT. At these meetings it was discussed as should be the Party, the same party of these pillars, its core and the name. There were many meetings before a full agreement is reached between the 5, but he was hit and thus the March 29, 2011, the Democratic Party was born!

The First Months

Lucifel was thus the first Party president of the party in April. A month in which the PD supported [ [ Nuno Vieira ] ] in application for Presidency of the Portugal

Later that month, the PD also had the first representation in Congress, with 3 elected members. And 2 of those members were in the Top 3 of the votes received. The Portuguese thus began to notice the work PD .

Next May dubbed the ' Month of Labour ' . As the PD was left out of the Top 5 of the parties it failrd to nominate candidates to Congress. Much work was needed to remedy the situation, but would go back the following month to submit candidates. The PD also features this month its first candidate for the Presidency. It was Lucifel that has received 119 votes, a good result at a time when the PD still had few members .

June. PD returns to be able to apply in Congress. This time, Lucifel and Costa are the most famous names. Lucifel tried for country presidencu again, but no luck. He receives 189 votes, 70 votes rising from one month to another, demonstrating the increased visibility of the Democratic Party .

In July, the PD first gets to power, getting elected to [Slayra through a coalition Portuguese Futurist Movement + PD + PLP . This month , as the country had only 2 regions , the PD just put 2 people in Congress . A very weak month for activity of the Democratic Party, but the following month was basically a turning point !

Turning point

Map of Portugal on November 17, 2011 - You can see the Portuguese colony of Venezuela

Month gone, we are in August and PD bustling with activity.

Best result ever in terms of Congress, putting 8 Congressmen in office. To date, the best result, which was due to internal organization at the time of the referendum .

Also initiates some social activities such as Crossword and Mini Games. Not enough to support anyone for President, but eventually, in August, the most interventionist month of PD .

Then we got to September. Lucifel candidates for the President and the 1st time wins. PD in Congress could consolidate its position party with great visibility. This time can elect 7 congressmen.

The Democratic Party, after characterizing Government approves a bold budget, providing an offensive in Venezuela, besides other ministerial expenditures.

The campaign has proved highly successful, erasing the map Venezuela and casting Portugal to the top 10 of the colonial powers of the New World.

Portugal joins the Alliance for Economic and Military Cooperation : EDEN [1] a period of 3 months the country will be tested and evaluated through its diplomatic and military action, leading to the final integration in aforementioned alliance .