Partido Kalikasan ng Pilipinas

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Partido Kalikasan ng Pilipinas

General Information
Country Flag-Philippines.jpg Philippines
Abbreviation PKP
Newspaper The Notepad
Colors Green, white
Founded 17 November 2010
Dissolved 18 March 2012
Congress Occupancy
Succeeds Bayanihan
Succeeded By Democratic Party for Progress
Orientation Far-Left
Ideology Libertarian

Partido Kalikasan ng Pilipinas (Green Party of the Philippines) was a Far-left, Libertarian Political Party in the Philippines. Ever since its creation[1], it had regularly participated in the Congressional Elections and had produced several Philippine Congressmen. Before the dissolution, the PKP had 19 members and was ranked as 6th.

PKP Presidents

The Presidents
Name Term
1st Sigurd Aasen November 2011
2nd Sigurd Aasen December 2011
3rd indielfi January 2012
4th Mr. Knoll February 2012
5th Destroyer S87 March

Destroyer S87 is noted as the Last Party President of the Partido Kalikasan ng Pilipinas.

PKP Congressmen

January 2012
Name Region Notes
indielfi Luzon
Daniel Samarin Visayas became country president.
February 2012
Name Region Notes
mattoftheD N/A