Partido Liberalista Boliviano

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Partido Liberalista Boliviano

Party-Partido Liberalista Boliviano.jpg
General Information
Country Flag-Bolivia.jpg Bolivia
Abbreviation PLB
Forum Foro eRepublik Bolivia
Colors Green
Founded August 1, 2009
Dissolved November 2009 (est)
Congress Occupancy 0 /0 seats, 0%
Succeeded By Bolivia Primera
Orientation Center-Right
Ideology Libertarian

The Partido Liberalista Boliviano was created by members of the Icon-Bolivia.png Bolivian opposition on August 1, 2009, because the Bolivian government led by Ernesto_Guevara denied access to the party, saying to the people it was a Political takeover.

After a month of that approach, the Bolivian opposition leaders decided to create a party to demonstrate their political ideology.


Charter presentation PLB:

1. Liberty of Expression

As we all know, what should rule in this country is the liberty of thinking and doing always with respect and no real offences and harming to other people whatever we like. With the actual government, this never happened. Since I started all the opposition tasks many actions have been taken to warranty the censorship of my comrades and myself ideas.

The first action the PLB and all the guys that were involved in this movement is the creation of an alternative forum, more liberalistic and free of wisdom:

From here I suggest to all Bolivians to join and start this promenade with us.

2. Liberty of Economic Decissions

Another thing that we defend is the possibility of all players in this game to create their companies and have an opportunity of success with their great job with them. The one that put more time into them will be more successful and last, and we will avoid any kind of mechanism made directly by the government to avoid this. We appreciate the good investors and the people that will bet hardly for the future of this country.

This government is betting for the stabilization of some areas at first, and all areas probably at last. If anyone takes a look the main organization of the Government (Gobierno de Bolivia) will see that actually it counts with 4 companies and they will be increasing for sure in a future if we don't stop this.

3. Liberty of International Trading.

Regarding this idea, I would like to take in comparison something that happened time ago in the Real Life and can be read in various books. Two centuries ago approx. in Japan there was a big protectionist market, so all the industries and raws that were laking inside the country were extremely expensive and difficult to get (especially the clothing since Japan lacks cotton and wool). This protectionist system was made by the Dictatorial Emperor of the country (similar to the actual Government leader). When the emperor was defeated the first thing that was change was destroying this protectionism rules in most of the markets that were not really needed like the cotton, wool and finished products like clothes. Since that opening, Japan has grown to the second position of the Internation Economic Ranking.

alexis bonte, the creator of this game, said once in an interview, that it surprised him how this game is really similar to the real life, and I trust and think exactly the same.

We will also bet for trading with no fear, just for the reason of making this country better. If we have to buy a good quality hospital in a foreign country we will do this. We won't try to avoid buying or selling overseas just for the reason of an irrational fear like the one that has the actual government.

4. Liberty of Foreign Relationships.

We all know that foreign affairs are the key for growing up safer. We have clear that we are surrounded by South-American countries, and all by themselves belong to a mutual alliance called Allianza Hispano-Americana. Recently the Alianza Hispano-Americana has rejected eBolivia to joining them.

This is caused by a horrible foreign affairs job made by the actual government. Since most of the countries really dislike the people that control the country they will be rejecting eBolivia at last and probably forever.

We will like to change this. We won't like wars for the single reason of trying to defeat the government. We bet for doing soon a great pact with this alliance, and also the bigger one was it relies on, PEACE Community Global.

This is our mission, and this will be our challenge.

5. Liberty of Political Introduction

Finally, we will assure and warrant that we will be political right and admissible, and accept all type of ideology despite they are totally apart from what we think. We will accept them leaving around us and will accept any kind of critic or a suggestion in a matter of tolerance.

Since the actual government has been manipulating just nearly all the communication mechanism and instigating the population to think that all the opposition is just a way of the Political takeover. We would like to deny this action and a type of dirty game and we believe you will definitely trust us at first.

In general, we are sure we will make a great job and we are definitely relying upon you in all kind of aspects of this game. We definitely bet for a better future for this country. We are sure we can make it, and we are sure that you also believe this. Because this is a matter of all us. Just any little grain of sand can build the biggest sand castle that will lead at the end to the biggest iron castle ever made.


Presidential elections

Elections Votes obtained Candidate Result
August 2009 45 (43 %) SirLouen Second
September 2009 59 (37 %) bohlamon Second
October 2009 36 (26 %) dr. Boza Chaos Second
November 2009 69 (44 %) Fabrizzio Second

Congressional Elections

Results unknown.

Party presidents

Term started Term ended Terms in office Citizen name
August 2009 12 August 2009 1 SirLouen
16 August 2009 End of August 2009 0.5 GoDie04
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Nov 03, 2009