Partido Rodriguista de eChile

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Partido Rodriguista

Party-Partido Rodriguista de Chile.jpg
General Information
Country Flag-Chile.jpg Chile
Abbreviation PR
National rank 3
Website eChile Forum
Forum PR forum
Colors Red, Blue and White
Founded 30 January 2009
President Profeta ERIC
Vice President AricaChile
Secretary General Hasanefta
Councillor vgriquel
Members 55
Congress Occupancy 7/40 seats, 18%
Orientation Far-Left
Ideology Libertarian

The Partido Rodriguista de eChile (PR, PReC) is a political power inspired by one of the founding fathers of Chile, the "guerrillero" Manuel Rodríguez, a fearless fighter against the Spanish Empire and the dominions of the crown of Castilla on Chile.

Founding principles

Founding principles are inspired by the founding principles of Izquierda Progresista party of Argentina.

1º Article

The Partido Rodriguista incarnates a political movement that has for basic principle and elemental to social justice. Is the party that works towards all Chileans, regardless of any distinction of any kind. It embodies the values ​​of patriotism, progressivism, direct democracy and popular anti-oligarchic and imperialist. The Partido Rodriguista search the creation of a State which defends and ensures peace, democracy, national sovereignty, human rights, eliminate the economic and military dependence and overall social justice. PR is a Libertarian Party of the Left.

2º Article

All party members have equal rights, regardless of sex, race, military service or skill level. Discrimination and racism are not acceptable under any argument within the Party, because behind each user there is a human being and is recognized as such. Recurring discrimination results in the expulsion from the Party and the cessation of all benefits that the party has granted.

3º Article

All Comrades of Partido Rodriguista know, accept and take it as a duty to work for the common good over the individual one. Anyone who owns a company and does not offer good working conditions for their workers will be removed from the party.

The Partido Rodriguista believes in, and encourages, the national industry with all means at its disposal.

The Partido Rodriguista seeks that all citizens have fair pay and access to all consumer goods that eRepublik offers.

4º Article

Freedom of expression is an inalienable right and emanates from the nature of the game. Nevertheless, PR believes it is the duty of every user to respect other's opinion, and considers it appropriate, rebuts with arguments or endorse, however, never with personal attacks. Insults and discrimination in the forum or personal newspapers are grounds for expulsion from the party.

5º Article

All members are equal within the party. Party members have the right to propose ideas and projects, which will be elected by open consultation of all members. The Partido Rodriguista promotes the free association of its members with the purposes for which the party pursued.

All members have the power to call a vote and partisan bickering and the appointment of the list of Congress member candidates will be a topic of discussion and voting by all members, and the appointment of local candidates will be a topic of discussion and voting by all members.

The official forum of the party is, which belongs as a sub-forum, and it is the central debate and party organization.

6º Article

The party will have a President elected by the traditional gaming systems. The duty of the President is to enforce the will of party members in regard to internal decisions.

The party presidents may create advisory positions within the party, if necessary. These advisers are positions of trust, which have no enforcement powers, and only serve to inform the Chairman and members on certain issues.

7º Article

Not be impose any idea, without explaining it first. The logic behind the idea is important and helps members to interpret an idea or project in a coherent manner.

8º Article

All members are obliged, without exception, to comply with the previous articles.

9º Article

Never, under any circumstances, a war against another country can be promoted, because every nation has sovereign rights. The only accepted form of war is self defense, defense of an allied nation or the liberation in case of foreign invasion.

10º Article

The Party will seek to promote partnerships with various political movements inspired by the same base with the priority of creating alliances in Latin America.

11º Article

The Party accepts Congress decisions if they are by and for the benefit of the country. The decisions of Congress are understood as decisions made by representatives of the people, that is, are decisions that should lead the people themselves.

Military unit

PReC military unit is LAUTARO.

International relations

PReC was a part of the Internationale association.