Partidul Apolitic Roman

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Partidul Apolitic Roman

General Information
Country Flag-Romania.png Romania
Abbreviation PAR
Founded April 2010
Dissolved May 2011
Congress Occupancy 0 /40 seats, 0%
Orientation Center-Right
Ideology Authoritarian

Also known in past by the name Partidul OLS, Partidul Nimanui or Independent, this party has carried this name (The Romanian Apolitical Party) since April 2010.

The name changed under the presidency of Bogdan Armand Sibrand, who took in charge of the party that month.

The only achievements he had in that period was to advertise various media articles and to edit this wiki page.

Party presidents

This is the list of known Party presidents:

Party Leader Mandate Start
flucian June 16th 2009
hoderaz July 16th 2009
resita2009 August 16th 2009
codrut16 September 16th 2009
ionutzsteaua January 16th 2010
Hamzescu March 16th 2010
Bogdan Armand Sibrand April 16th 2010
iony_ro June 16th 2010
clawy May 16th 2011
wowotzange August 16th 2011
clawy October 16th 2011
wowotzange November 16th 2011
clawy March 16th 2012
wowotzange April 16th 2012
Doru Vasile Puscas September 16th 2012
wowotzange October 16th 2012
hardcorehigh November 16th 2012
bull mastiff December 16th 2012
wowotzange January 16th 2013

Beginning May 2011, the party's name changed to Magyar Democratic Gamers' Union from Romania, as Clawy became PP. Future party names were Vitamin C's Party, eCarlionti si ePalinca, Gelatin's C Party, Partidul Cartoafelor, Amfetamin's C Party, Harap Alb's Party, Cel mai politic partid din joc, UGDMR...