Partidul Comunist din Romania

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Partidul Comunist din România

Party-Partidul Comunist din Romania.png
General Information
Country Flag-Romania.png Romania
Abbreviation PCdR
Forum [1]
Colors red
Founded 25 February 2011
Dissolved 19 April 2013
President Luis Elvis
Congress Occupancy 0%
Succeeded By Partidul Socialist Roman
Orientation Far-Left
Ideology Totalitarian

Partidul Comunist din România was a political party in Romania. It consider itself as the successor of Partidul Comunist eRoman. It was founded by cipri79. After a period of inactivity, during cipri79's party reign, pArAzIt23 won the party-presidential elections and reformed the party.


Partidul Comunist din România was founded in March 2012 by cipri79. After a month, Atis Alexandru won the party elections, keeping PCdR on political inactivity. On 12 May 2012, cipri79 "reconquered" the party. He was the president of Partidul Comunist din Romania for 10th mandates. In 2013, the party grew from 3 members to 7.

pArAzIt23 term

In May 2013, a group called "Reformist Fraction", formed by 4 members, supporting the end of inactivity, the party propaganda and doctrinal reforms was founded. The reformists won the May party elections. On 15 March 2013, pArAzIt23, the leader of Reformist Fraction, was elected party-president. On 17 March, he organized The First Congress of PCdR, electing a Central Committee. A new status was formed and put on a party referendum; the document was approved with 4 votes "for".

Luis Elvis term

On 15 April 2013, Luis Elvis was elected president of Partidul Comunist din Romania, beign the first leader elected with 100% of votes, although he had a counter candidate. He liberalized and detotalitarianised the party soon as he was elected. Elvis wrote the Manifest of the party. On 18 April, a meeting organized by him no longer had place, threatening the entry into inactivity. A day after, Partidul Comunist din Romania was dissolved, be succeded by Partidul Socialist Roman.

Party Presidents

This is the list of known party presidents:

Party President Mandate Start Mandate End Major achievement
cipri79 March 16th 2012 April 16th 2012 No major events
Atis Alexandru April 16th 2012 May 16th 2012 Unknown
cipri79 May 16th 2012 March 16th 2013 Elected for tenth mandates
pArAzIt23 March 16th 2013 April 16th 2013 Reforming the party
Luis Elvis April 16th 2013 April 19th 2013 Renamed party to Partidul Socialist Roman


This is the list of known vice-presidents of the party. They are named by the president, but they have large attributions in the party, according with the status.

Vice president Mandate Start Mandate End Major achievement
AcidBug September 16th 2012 March 16th 2013 Elected for sixth mandates
Luis Elvis March 16th 2013 April 16th 2013 Supporting pArAzIt23
pArAzIt23 April 16th 2013 Present Supporting Luis Elvis


Secretary general Mandate Start Mandate End Major achievement
Raffian Csaba March 17th 2013 April 8th 2013 Resigned
cipri79 April 8th 2013 Present Second secretary-general