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General Information
Country Flag-Romania.png Romania
Abbreviation PL
Newspaper Academia Liberala
Colors Blue & Yellow
Founded November 2008 (est)
Dissolved July 2015
Congress Occupancy 0/40 seats, 0%
Succeeded By Partidul Revolutionar
Orientation Center-Right
Ideology Libertarian

Partidul Liberal was one of the top 5 political parties in Romania.
As one of the greatest political party in Romania, Partidul Liberal at his peak, reached more than 2000 members and was the most important political party in the country. It was founded by fib renamed by Piratul and called Partidul eLiberal. It was renamed Partidul Liberal by smif who took the party from number 5 party in Romania to number 2. Although eRepublik changed so much in the last years, Partidul Liberal survive the new age with the same doctrine and principles by giving 19 Country Presidents to Romania. On 25th August 2013, Day 2074 - the liberals celebrate 5 years of existence. The liberalism main principle is a quote that changes the world history: ”Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite”.

In July 2015 they changed the party name into Partidul Revolutionar.

History and political orientation

The Liberal Party is the supporter of individual freedom, social, economic and political, by design, through action and through tradition. The Liberal Party is the promoter of liberal thinking in Romania.


The Liberal Party is concerned in particular by the primacy of the individual in front of society, of equality in front of the law, guaranteeing the rights and freedoms of democracy, of tolerance in relation to the beliefs and other options. Individual freedom is the aim that we offer to all persons responsible.


The Liberal Party aims to accelerate the modernization of society, to remove the institutions from autocracy, from conservatism and immobility. Liberal Party favors the modernization through stability and social cohesion, based on reducing the sources of tension and conflict. In the main, social stability will be achieved through the development of the middle class who consists of the living heart of the free enterprise.


The Liberal Party is the declared follower of capitalism, free market and the market economy. The Liberal Party says firmly that, between the consumer will, individually or socially, and the manufacturer possibilities to be only the market and its specific laws and regulations. In the economic activity, the Liberal Party supports, in principle, the restriction through the competition of the monopoly and to eliminate the interference of administration and bureaucracy in influencing the production. Liberal Party had called for free movement of goods, capital and labor, to limit the power of regulators and to eliminate bureaucracy


The Liberal Party is firmly attached to the values of democracy, pluralism and rule of law. To promote the party with a politic responsibility, the Liberal Party promotes open competition in political life. The means by which we will achieve our objectives are basically though the analysis of the points of view, debate, communication and public image for gaining of a wider audience.

The Liberal Party is the opponent by the principle of major abstract projects, messianic or dogmatic. He decides against any form of extremism or radicalism, aware of the fact that no one has rescue recipes or "universal kits.

The participation of the Liberal Party to political life is to promote the concept, principles and ideas of the classic liberalism.

Romanian Presidents of the Liberal Party

Nr. Citizen Place in Time Votes
1 Citizen430341.jpg smif 2009 - January 568
2 Citizen430341.jpg smif 2009 - June 1484
3 Citizen430341.jpg smif 2009 - July 1020
4 Unknown Person.jpg sebahmah 2009 - August 1547
5 Citizen1208477.jpg Andrew McWilliams 2009 - September 1020
6 Citizen1503021.jpg JoaoSatan 2009 - October 1314
7 Citizen1000472.jpg Adiemus 2009 - December 1477
8 The Group.jpg andyr 2010 - January 1593
9 The Group.jpg andyr 2010 - February 2138
10 Citizen1512723.jpg ILDottore 2010 - May 1814
11 FAR.jpg Vlad Sabau 2010 - September 486
12 Citizen1674359.jpg Griss0m 2010 - September 1205
13 Citizen430341.jpg smif 2011 - February 1016
14 Citizen1298005.jpg Fremenul 2011 - April 1335
15 Citizen1483600 v2.jpg Cronoss 2011 - May 1037
16 Citizen4685406.jpg elbandido 2011 - June 843
17 Citizen2963002.png Lego-kun 2011 - September 887
18 Citizen2490284.jpg xul0 2011 - December 995
19 Citizen2365633.jpg Vircati 2012 - January 1243
20 Citizen2930155.jpg manasel 2015 - January 453

Internal organisation

The Liberal Party had a Central Political Office (BPC), conducted by the Party President, Vice-President, Secretary General, Councilor, Spokesman & Members of Honor (that were once liberal party-presidents & country presidents). Every decision made by this office is subjected to liberals will by internal voting & poll-questions meant to express everybody's decision.

Icon position party president.gif Presidents of Partidului Liberal

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