Parties of South Africa

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The Republic of South Africa
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The following is a list of active and historical parties of Icon-South Africa.png South Africa.

Active Parties

Logo Party Name Initials Political Stance
Default party logo.gif Celebrities Inc. CI Center-right, Anarchist
Default party logo.gif Lazokratik Sol Hareket LSH Far-right, Anarchist
Default party logo.gif Murokrasi Headquarters MH Center, Totalitarian
Default party logo.gif Party of Lazocracy Africa PLA Far-right, Authoritarian
Default party logo.gif South African Democratic Union SADU Center-right, Authoritarian
Party-Union of Patriots.jpg Union of Patriots UP Center, Libertarian

Historical Parties

Logo Party Name Initials Political Stance
Default party logo.gif Africa To Africans Center-left, Libertarian
Party-African Dignity Front.jpg African Dignity Front ADF Center-left, Libertarian
Party-African National Alliance.jpg African National Alliance ANA Far-right, Authoritarian
Party-ASCO.jpg ASCO Party ASCO Far-left, Anarchist
Party-Associates of General Wellness.png Associates of General Wellness AGW Center-right, Libertarian
Party-Bizalom az osi erenyben.jpg Bizalom az osi erenyben Baoe
Party-Black Lion Front.jpg Black Lion Front BLF Center-left, Libertarian
Default party logo.gif COmmunity League of eSA CLSA Center-right, Libertarian
Default party logo.gif Democratic Red and Black Party DRB Far-left, Libertarian
Party-Free Africa.jpg Free Africa FA Center-right, Libertarian
Party-Freedom Alliance.jpg Freedom Alliance FA Center. Libertarian
Default party logo.gif Holy Virgo Party Center-right, Authoritarian
Default party logo.gif In Memory of the Great Mombasa IMotGM
Party-Independent Alternative.jpg Independent Alternative IA Center, Libertarian
Party-Liberal Party of South Africa.jpg Liberal Party of South Africa LPSA Center, Libertarian
Party-Naturalist Party South Africa.jpg Naturalist Party South Africa NPSA Center-right, Libertarian
Party-Nationalist Union.jpg Nationalist Union NU Center-right, Authoritarian
Party-New Africa Party.jpg New Africa Party NAP Far-left, Libertarian
Party-Open Opportunity Party.png Open Opportunity Party OOPS Center-left, Libertarian
Default party logo.gif Patriot and Sovereignty Union PSU Center-right, Authoritarian
Party-Progressive Party of South Africa.jpg Progressive Party of South Africa PPSA Center, Libertarian
Party-Proud Africans.jpg Proud Africans PA Far-left, Libertarian
Default party logo.gif Political Freedom Party PFP Center-right, Libertarian
Party-South African Gold Party.jpg S.A Development Party SADP Center-right, Libertarian
Party-South African Foreigners Party.jpg South African Foreigners Party SAFP Center, Libertarian
Default party logo.gif South African Liberation Front SALF
Party-Social Democratic Party.jpg Social Democratic Party SDP Center, Authoritarian
Default party logo.gif Socialist Union of South Africa SUSA
Default party logo.gif South African Communist Party SACP Far-left, Authoritarian
Party-South African Gold Party.jpg South African Gold Party SAGP Center-right, Libertarian
Party-South African Military Capitalist Party.jpg South African Military Capitalist Party SAMCP Center-right, Libertarian
Party-South African Party.jpg South African Party SAP Center-right, Libertarian
Default party logo.gif South Africa Worker Party SAWP Far-right, Libertarian
Party-Suid-Afrikaanse Legioen.jpg Suid-Afrikaanse Legioen SAL Center-right, Libertarian
Party-The South African Resistance.jpg The South African Resistance TSAR
Party-United South Africa.jpg United South Africa UNSA Center, Libertarian