Partito Comunista Eitaliano

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Partito Comunista eItaliano

Party-Partito Comunista eItaliano.jpg
General Information
Country Flag-Italy.jpg Italy
Abbreviation PCe
Forum [1]
Colors Red
President meucci
Members 122
Congress Occupancy 8/30 seats, 18.94%
Orientation Far-Left
Ideology Libertarian

The Partito Comunista eItaliano is a political party in Italy with the purpose to unite, defend and represent the italian working class. Its founding values are the freedom, the brotherhood between people, the freedom of speech and expression, and the preservation of the weak classes, true strength of our society.

Communism and eRepublik

The PCE is part of an online game where the chance to change the society are linked to the mechanisms of this game. For this and other reasons the PCE isn't a delegation of real parties, movements or forms of government. Any comparison is a distortion of the game reality. An example of this distortion is the comparison with dictatorial system, that thankfully aren't possible in the New World. Therefore the PCE labels itself a communist party and considers its mission the objectives that honours its values, that is: to tend to a society of free, equal and supportive people, independently by the skills and the golds owned.

Redistribution of Fun

The PCE demands the integration of every citizen in his national community ( a key aspect of this game), and his fun in this integration. The PCE believes in the redistribution of fun among all citizens, helps them and involves them in all the activities, events and organizations concerning Italy. The PCE is greatly engaged in the conception of such activities.

Corporate Management

The PCE is an union of single and equal persons with the aim to improve our country. That is why it refuse any hierarchical structure, like managing boards or central committees. We support the principle of corporate management. Any comrade has the same valor and importance. This principle gets every member used to democratic discussion, and allows a dynamic turnover of the leading class, in the party and in the nation.

National Politics and Economy

PCE's main goal is the improvement of the life conditions for the eRepublik weak classes: new citizens and workers. PCE helps the newbie (promoting the circulation of information and news, with the "University of the People" and with the "an house for all" project) and fights for the expansion of the welfare state.

It fights for a system where a "social liability" joins the search for profit. In this direction the PCE want to develop a cooperative economy, based on production cooperatives supporting each other, where the worker is as the same time the owner of the company.

These cooperatives have to be forges of a new shared and self-managed democracy and economy, where the workers are involved without delegations or managers:"From each according to his ability, for each according to his needs".

Foreign Politics

With the consciousness that war is an important and involving aspect of the game, the PCE agrees to this medium. However condemns the imperialism and any action limiting the freedom of a community, like the take over. The party supports any action defending the sovereignty and independence of oppressed states. The PCE regards as an honour the participation of its members to the defense of the homeland, as soldiers or as workers.


Socializing among different people, with the resulting mutual enrichment, is a real and palpable aspect of this game. In fact are real the persons giving life to it. Instead being the first in a ranking or the enrichment in the eRepublik society are fictions ( You can't change eRep gold with real money!).

The PCE considers itself like an instrument to make easier this socializing and for this reason it welcomes with entusiasm the contribution and the opinions of anybody wants to play with us.

Our party hopes to be a source of fun for any citizen in eRepublik, considering any relation among players funny and challenging, if managed in a polite and hearty way.

Icon position party president.gif Party Leaders

PCE's secretaries
Month Name
June 2008 Acquarius
July 2008 Rebaf
August 2008 Gracchius
September 2008 Pippo Caponazzo
October 2008 Rhevard
November 2008 Bandiagara
December 2008 Lev Evtuscenko
January 2009 Lev Evtuscenko
February 2009 Lev Evtuscenko
March 2009 Lev Evtuscenko
April 2009 Tsubaiam
May 2009 Pila87
June 2009 Pila87
July 2009 alfio1968
August 2009 Feffo
September 2009 Feffo
October 2009 Umberto Rusciano
November 2009 marcoche
December 2009 Lev Evtuscenko
January 2010 Dr.Gracchius
February 2010 AlexHR
March 2010 Vincenzo Pandolfo
April 2010 AntOzzz
May 2010 Sirio Martone
June 2010 Scoundrel
July 2010 Fritz Vaporoub
August 2010 Noria
September 2010 frappa10
October 2010 MartinBk
November 2010 paolo Marcucci
December 2010 Daniel Cheers
January 2011 Alessandro Brizzi
February 2011 Giulia Moro
March 2011 Vincenzo Pandolfo
April 2011 Alessandro Brizzi
May 2011 AleRocketMan
June 2011 frappa10
July 2011 Gianpaolo Panetta
August 2011 Spazzolino
September 2011 Dello4
October 2011 MaXiMiLLuS
November 2011 MaXiMiLLuS
December 2011 Giuseppe Stan
January 2012 xShADoWxITA
February 2012 MaXiMiLLuS
March 2012 PipBoy 3000
April 2012 new enna
May 2012 wolves85
June 2012 Sauron_IT
July 2012 ABBODAVI
August 2012 Giuseppe Stan
September 2012 Atlius
October 2012 Narcissus16
November 2012 ABBODAVI
December 2012 amthug
January 2013 PDCI98
February 2013 Narcissus16
March 2013 Narcissus16
April 2013 PDCI98
May 2013 amthug
June 2013 VanBaz
July 2013 VanBaz
August 2013 Rocco 'n' Rollo
September 2013 D.D.S
October 2013 Rocco 'n' Rollo
November 2013 D.D.S
December 2013 AelagonTheRealOne
January 2014 SuperBaz