Partito Progressista Riformista

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Partito Progressista Riformista

General Information
Country Flag-Italy.jpg Italy
Abbreviation PPR
Forum [1]
Founded June 2008
Members 0
Congress Occupancy 0 /20 seats, 0%
Succeeded By Partito Popolare Italiano
Orientation Center-Left
Ideology Libertarian

Partito Progressista Riformista was a political party in Italy born in June 2008 from the merger of Alleanza Democratica Italiana and Vox Populi. At the last count before it was tranformed into the Partito Popolare Italiano, the party had 78 members. It was one of the members of the alliance Fronte Popolare.


The Progressive Reform Party, with the constant and gradual improvement of 'eItalia, at the heart of his political activity citizens. For this and for a general advance internationally eItaliano in the Progressive Reform Party considers fundamental values:

Democracy as active and continuous participation of citizens in political and social life of the country. PPR primary objective is that everyone will feel parts of a larger project that is the eItalia.

Freedom is the main feature and fundamental of all human beings. PPR We are fighting because freedom of speech, action and any other human expression is guaranteed as far as respect for others. Consistent with social freedom, we believe PPR freedom in the economic imperative, specifically seen in the market and fair competition.

Reformism & Progress: are the values that guide our political action. We believe that the common good is attainable only with social progress, concretely implement the reforms and political activity to improve eitaliano.

Internationalism: the PPR is a promoter of international politics eItaliana acting in concert with other eNazioni for a healthy and profitable collaborazione.All policy decisions that the international directly binding 's eItalia and eItaliani must be taken subsequently consent to information citizens, as holders of real democratic power.

ELECTIONS RESULTS ( from June 2008)

Regional's elections 20 June 08 = 130 votes ( 28,4 %)

General congress elections 1 July 08 = 103 votes ( 23,5%)

General congress elections 1 August 08 = 102 votes ( 29,3%)

General congress elections 1 September 08 = 98 votes (23,6%)

General congress elections 1 October 08 = 146 votes ( 30,5 %)

General congress elections 25 October 08 = 45 votes (17,5%) General congress elections 25 November 10=