Patriotic League

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Patriotic League

Patriotic League.jpg

i krv svoju za Bosnu moju

General Information
Country Flag-Bosnia and Herzegovina.jpg Bosnia and Herzegovina
Region Brcko District
Total Soldiers 68
Commanded by xcameleonx

Patriot League (PL) is Bosnian military unit.

Aim of PL is to protect Bosnian regions and to help Bosnian allies.

At first PL was paramilitary organization founded by Ponosan Bosanac, CrniLabud, Diklofenak, metalni (now known as Metalni2), Tarantula Hawk. Tarantula Hawk later resigned from unit because he did not agree with some ideas.

Members of PL are required to work in PL company, wear avatar, have Bosnian citizenship or allied countries. Commander since 2011 is xcameleonx.

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