Patriotische und Liberale Stimme eDeutschland

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Patriotische und Liberale Stimme eDeutschland

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General Information
Country Flag-Germany.jpg Germany
Abbreviation PuLSeD
Forum PuLSeD Official Forums
Colors Orange, Gold, Black
Founded 10/2010
Dissolved 11/2011
Congress Occupancy 0 /40 seats, 0%
Succeeded By Liberal-Patriotische Partei
Orientation Center-Right
Ideology Libertarian

The Patriotische und Liberale Stimme eDeutschlands (PuLSeD), also known as Patriotische und Liberale Stimme (PuLS), was a political party located in Germany which supported a strong and united Germany.

Political Position

The PuLSeD was determined to strengthen and unify German society.

  • It is a goal of the PuLSeD to create a more powerful, free, and democratic Germany and to get Congress and Government to work with respect for each other.
  • The PuLSeD demands a free economy, a strong federal military, and freedom of expression.
  • The party wants the German people with unrestricted freedom and self-evident rights leading to a nation led by democracy.
  • It is the task of all politicians to protect each individual and the German democracy.

Party History

1. Foundation of the Party The Party was founded on October 15th 2010 when the two parties, LDP and PPD, merged. Its first Party President was Otis84.

2. Foundation of the Party After Germany was completely defeated and the party was terminated on November 18th 2010 for the first time it was re-founded on November 30th 2010 so only about two weeks later. Because of changes in the game mechanics the party was not terminated again even though Germany was defeated several times.

Party Structure

Position Job description
Party President (PP) The PP leads the party and decides about the party's political direction. The PP is being elected once a month on the 14 one day before the ingame election. A simple majority is enough to win the election. He is responsible for the tasks assigned to party members, the development of the party and outward appearance.
Deputy Party President The Deputy Party President has to assist the Party President whenever it is needed. The Deputy Party President does not get elected but is the opponent of the Party President in the Pre-Election. In case the Party President is unavailable he automatically becomes the head of the party.
Secretary for Public Relations The Secretary for Public Relations is responsible for the Party's newspaper, its appearance in the game, on the forums and IRC. The Secretary is being assisted by editors.
Secretary of Membership The Secretary of Membership is responsible for the party's members and the access to forums. The Secretary is supposed to help new members integrate into the party as well as the satisfaction of older members.
Election Coordinator The Election Coordinator has to organize the applications for Positions within the Party and start and end the election process. The coordinator has to decide if a candidate is eligible and suitable for a position and also coordinates the congressional elections.


A list of the PuLSeD Party Presidents.

Year Month President Mandate
2010 October Otis84 1st
2010 November  ?  ?
2010 December PecattiSyn 1st
2011 January Maxxst 1st
2011 February Deathmanfsm 1st
2011 March Dark Creed 1st
2011 April Sphorax 1st
2011 May Dark Creed 2nd
2011 June Dark Creed 3rd
2011 July PecattiSyn 2nd
2011 August Tumme 1st
2011 September PecattiSyn 3rd
2011 October PecattiSyn 4th

Congress members

Elections Elected candidate Region
2010-10 Lyuline Saarland
2010-10 Erik War Nordrhein-Westfalen
2010-10 Ban Danna Bayern
2010-10 DeathmanRSF Niedersachsen
2010-10 Sphorax Saarland
2010-11 Dark Creed  ? Nominated through OMG
2010-12 DeathmanRSF Saarland
2011-01 KellyWeisz Baden-Württemberg
2011-01 Sphorax Bayern
2011-01 DeathmanRSF Niedersachsen und Bremen
2011-01 omaboy Rheinland-Pfalz
2011-01 Erik War Rheinland-Pfalz
2011-01 Lyuline Saarland
2011-01 Dark Creed Saarland
2011-01 disLex Sachsen
2011-01 Otis84 Thüringen
2011-01 Toni Tumult Thüringen
2011-02 Jagotin Daprusek Saarland
2011-02 PecattiSyn Sachsen
2011-02 Otis84 Sachsen
2011-02 DeathmanRSF Niedersachsen und Bremen
2011-02 ClemensWil Sachsen Member of GPP
2011-03 Dark Creed Saarland
2011-03 Sphorax Saarland

Official PuLSeD Newspaper

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