Pattana Unity Party

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Pattana Unity Party

Party-Pattana Unity Party.jpg
General Information
Country Flag-Thailand.jpg Thailand
Abbreviation PUP
Founded Jan 17th, 2009
Dissolved 2010
Congress Occupancy 21 members
Succeeded By Mladi Diktatori
Orientation Center
Ideology Libertarian

Pattana Unity Party

Started in January 2009, The Pattana Unity Party, better known as PUP is a consolidation of the former Thai Reform Party and Sabai Unity Party. Officially, members from Sabai Unity Party had moved over to the renamed TRP. Because the members of each party had essentially the same views and supported the same candidates for presidency, the leaders of the two groups chose to merge their parties. The mass exodus of the Brazilians in the party Thai Nation Together, or TNT, and the resulting change in political climate also affected the leaders' choices to combine their parties.


The original leader and creator of PUP, Ealb, was a long time Thailand-born citizen. His leadership was widely considered to be instructive and brilliant; Ealb was characterized by his long and intelligent comments and his unique style of mediation in political conflicts. In February 2009, Ealb decided to give up leadership and leave the eWorld.

The current leader since February 2009 is Gentyle. A longtime Thailand citizen and member of Sabai Unity Party before moving into PUP, Gentyle often gives insightful comments and remarks on articles addressing economics, and is also a fairly active citizen.

Party Beliefs

The general stance of PUP is to maintain a corruption free Government. The Party stands for clarity and fiscal responsibility for the betterment of Thailand and its Citizens. As a group some of the opinions differ but maintain a general consensus of keeping Government out of the private business sector and let markets remain free. PUP also maintains a platform of low taxes to provide for potential import to help strengthen the market and provide goods at a reasonable price for its Citizens.

PUP Members of Congress

February 2009 Congress

PUP Congress Members
Cheeetar Bl1ndn3ss Wiles Mac Giolla Ruadh
Wisdom Gentyle Alvaro Araujo
simplicissimus Politis Albert Neurath
Dianis Mew Tong Uriel Ventri
Zelgrath Nouveauk Callagan
Marius Fynn Ealb Miss_Thailand
ubermutant Hans Tastad RADM

October 2009 Congress

PUP Members
Jeff Hamilton
Jack Roberts

November 2009 Congress

Congress Members
Jack Roberts Thingol
Gentyle wendy zora
Jeff Hamilton Albert Neurath
Soheil Shahzehan
August L. Isaan Jimmy_Miller
Gempur Mereka Babalon

December 2009 Congress

PUP Congress Members
Ciman Jeff Hamilton Albert Neurath
Soheil Shahzehan August L. Isaan verniciatore
DivisionBell tujul Jimmy_Miller
Paolus Augustus Zanch muromysli
Gnorantone Gates Schellinger Thingol