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Nationality Flag-Ireland.jpg Irish
Date of birth 10.12.2007
Day 20 of the New World
Date of death Year 2010
Residence Dublin
Sex Male
Newspaper Chattin with Patton
President of Ireland
2 February 2008 – 1 March 2008
Preceded by Hattrick
Succeeded by Michael Collins
6 September 2009 – 5 December 2009
Preceded by Aran Tal
Succeeded by AppleMan
6 April 2010 – 5 June 2010
Preceded by JohnSmith 2K9
Succeeded by moomoohead
Congress member of Ireland
12 – terms
Military rank Icon rank Field Marshal*.png Field Marshal*
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman
Citizen Permanently Suspended for the usage of Multiple accounts

Patton was a citizen of Ireland.

He has served six terms as President of the country.

He is a Party president of the Peace and Good Life changed to Ireland First on February 13th 2008 by Michael Collins.

He is also a former Party president of the Korean Freedom Party, in the time before Japan integrated South Korea.

In Ireland, he was a member of the Irish Union Party (May 12th 2008-June 2008), (August 2008-September 2008), (July 15th 2009-August 2009)

Patton of Ireland, with its Taco Bell Company, becomes the first company to sell foreign products in Mexico. Of bad misunderstanding between the Mexican Government and Patton, a boycott of foreign food is generated. The problem is eventually solved, the boycott is removed, and the Mexican Government gives excuses to the Irish government.

Irish coup d'état of September 2009

September 2009 election - Patton defeated Boru by 179 votes to 108, with Fionn catching 44 votes, securing the government for the Irish Union Party. Brian Boru responded to Patton's victory by declaring Ireland a Soviet Socialist state, in an article entitled "Rubicon Crossed". To that end, he seized the Central Bank org and the state companies, both of which he had access to as outgoing Minister for Finance and Industry. The move effectively put him in charge of the entire set of resources available to the Irish State. The new government was effectively powerless at that point, as the coup occurred before the admins intervened regularly in such situations.

Reaction to the coup was extremely negative, with politicians from all sides of the political spectrum condemning the action. Brian Boru soon returned the Central Bank to the government, declaring the coup to be a joke in an article.


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