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Paul Proteus

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Citizen2677292 v3.jpg
Nationality Flag-USA.png American
Date of birth Jan 30, 2010
Day 802
Residence Wisconsin, USA
Sex Male
Married to Saraht0ga
(August 1, 2013 – )
Children remi.remi
Newspaper Goodbye Blue Monday
President of USA
July 5th 2013 – August 5th 2013
Preceded by Tenshibo
Succeeded by Oblige
President of Switzerland
August 5th 2010 – September 5th 2010
Preceded by Clifford Burns
Succeeded by Jimakos-Thess
November 5th 2010 – December 5th 2010
Preceded by Walther Rathenau
Succeeded by Cesgon
Vice President of Switzerland
May 5th 2010 – June 5th 2010
Served under Eleriel
Preceded by Penguin4512
June 5th 2010 – August 5th 2010
Served under Clifford Burns
Succeeded by zRTx
April 5th 2013 – May 5th 2013
Served under Trogdorthetroll100
Vice President of USA
September 5th 2015 – October 5th 2015
Served under Aramec
Secretary of State of USA
July 5th 2010 – August 5th 2010
Served under Blank Keating
Preceded by Blank Keating
Secretary of Media of United States
April 5th 2013 – June 5th 2013
Served under Vanek26
Preceded by Oblige
Succeeded by Civil Anarchy
Deputy Secretary of Defense of USA
March 5th 2011 – March 15th 2011
Served under Glove
Party president of Federalist Party
August 15th 2015 – September 15th 2015
Preceded by eliwood_sain
Succeeded by Apollo221
Party president of Swiss Freedom Party
June 15th – September 15th
Preceded by Wazamaza
Succeeded by Mr. Flatroy
Vice Party President of Libertarian Party
June 15th 2011 – July 15th 2011
Served under Marxus
Regional Director of Southern and Western Europe of USA
March 5th 2011 – May 5th 2011
Served under Emerick
Party president of Federalist Party
September 15th 2012 – November 15th 2012
Preceded by Malarkey83
Succeeded by bigcdizzle
Vice Minister of Economics of Switzerland
March 5th 2010 – March 10th 2010
Served under JNArno
Director of the Office of Militia Support of USA
March 15th 2011 – April 5th 2011
Served under Glove
Party president of American Military Party
October 15th 2013 – November 15th 2013
Party president of Federalist Party
January 15th 2016 – February 15th 2016
Preceded by Aramec
Succeeded by Melissa Rose
Minister of Foreign Affairs of Philippines
Served under Marie von Gablitz
Speaker of the House of USA
March 25 2019 – April 25 2019
Party president of Libertarian Party
March 15th 2011 – April 25th 2011
Succeeded by Marxus
Military rank Icon rank World Class Force**.png World Class Force**
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Banner - Former President.jpg

Paul Proteus was born on day 802 in Switzerland, where he has played various roles such as a congressman, party president, two-time country president and beloved hero.

On December 5th, 2010, after the death of many of his Swiss friends and childhood heroes (See Eleriel and Ilestis) he immigrated to the United States looking for adventure. In the United States he has been a congressman and in March of 2011 was the Party President of the third largest US party, the Libertarian Party and in September of 2012 the Second largest US Party, the Federalist Party. In July 2011 Paul also was appointed US Secretary of State and in April 2013 US Secretary of Media. In July, Paul was elected United States of America President. He has since done many other marvellous and interesting things.

Quotes from Paul's Time in the USA

 OK Paul. No matter what people say about you, you're alright in my book. 
 More like Paul Broteus 
 Paul Proteus is the epitome of class 
 Paul Proteus is the best. 
 Paul Proteus is amazingness! 
(Jason Stiltner)
 [Paul]'s smarter than the average bear 
 ...but not by much 
 [Paul] actually seem[s] to understand shit. Generally, I find that's better. 

Life in the USA

After Paul's second term as President, Paul moved to the United States on CRoy's request and join the United States Libertarian Party. There, the US was caught up in some role-playing adventure, which Paul somewhat took part of. He decided to take a month off, and enjoyed a month of fairly apolitical action, running as a blocker in Montana. For Christmas, Paul briefly changed his avatar to Samurai Jack decorating a Christmas tree. Still, fate had other sinister plans for Paul, and although running as a blocker, the other candidate was considered a PTO, so ATO gave Paul 8 votes and gave him a Congress seat in Montana.

Politically Paul thrived in the Libs rising through the ranks, and when Sam Wystan quit, he handed the Department of Fun over to Paul, appointing Paul "God King of Fun" Unfortunately, the next month at congressional elections, Paul lost Montana to the USWP candidate, breaking his heart and his winning streak.

Still, Paul was enjoying life in the US. March proved to be a frenzy of a month for Paul though, when Glove became president, Paul became the Deputy Secretary of Defense. With his friend Jelly9473 as Secretary of State, Paul also signed on as the Regional Director of Southern Europe. Later, Paul left the DepSecDef post to solely be the Director of the Office of Militia support after the Defense department got shaken up mid-term. Paul also ran for Libertarian Party president, he cruised in finally keeping Paul up to his knees in work. Libertarian Party President proved fun, rewarding and a big step forward in Paul's American political career.

Randomly, Paul still did some work to help Switzerland, like helping them enter the newly founded alliance Luna between other small neutral alliances, and served as their self proclaimed advisor (He was talking before even informing the Swiss CP or MoFa about it, luckily they both loved the idea) to the alliance during their entry process. Soon after, Henry Arundel announced his campaign for President of the US and announced Paul as his Vice Presidential candidate[1]. Unfortunately, Emerick defeated Pfeiffer. Luckily Paul still had his small state department role under Jelly9473 (who continued to be Secretary of State under Emerick) and his Party President position to keep him busy. The next party presidential elections, Paul endorsed Marxus for Lib PP, and after his subsequent victory, Paul became the party Chief of Staff. Besides a small role as Regional Director of Western Europe, Paul had a light month and despite contributing to the Libs Paul stayed out of the spotlight.

After another light month, Paul began to get busy again as Marxus ran for PP and revamped the Libs naming Paul as his VPP, at the same time Paul was busy helping with his good friend Penguin4512 's presidency in Switzerland serving as Swiss Chief of Staff and the director of Switzerland's new Department of Militia Funding. The next month, Paul backed his friends Blank Keating and Marxus in their joint presidential campaign. They also appointed Paul as their Secretary of State [2] should they win. After a whole day of being behind, approximately 2 hours before reset, Blank took the lead, beating out Technician. Blank became the President and Paul became the Secretary of State.

Paul then attempted an ill fated attempt at running for President before taking a break from the US [3].

After a month in the Philippines, serving as Minister of Foreign Affairs Paul returned to the USA where he took on light roles for a few months and joined the Federalist Party as the Libertarians were dissolved in his absence from activity. After a while, Paul returned to Switzerland for two months serving as the Minister of Education under Patar333. Paul then returned to the US again, seeking to return to a US cabinet role garnering a spot on CivilAnarchy's prospective cabinet as Deputy Secretary of State.[4]. Unfortunately, Civil Anarchy lost to Glove in a close election.
This was an image made by Fingerguns for Paul Proteus' run for Federalist Party President
The next month Paul stayed busy as the Swiss Minister of Education from abroad while also serving in the Federalist Political Department and taking the US ambassadorship to the Netherlands.

Throughout this time Paul worked in the Federalist Party as an assistant political director. Until Paul ran in the Primaries for Federalist Party President for the month of September and won a close race against BigCDizzle. [5] As expected Paul Proteus was elected Federalist party president for the month of September. Paul went on to win re-election as Federalist Party President, beating BigCDizzle by 1 vote in the primary, for the month of October. Paul lowered his activity after finishing his second Fed PP term, accepting jobs here and there including a DepSecState spot under Fingerguns and helping Hadrian X develop Guerilla radio. Paul continued to do Fed Party work, serving as Political Director under Gnilraps for the month of February. He continued his role as Political Director of the Feds under the next Party President Fingerguns, as well as aiding the ATO effort taking over the AFA aligned Shoe Party.

April became an interesting month for Paul being named Vanek26's Secretary of Media [6] in charge of the whpr as well as producing eNPR, and also a plethora of smaller jobs such as the Vice president of Switzerland under Trogdorthetroll100[7] and continuing as the Federalist Political Director.

This was an image made by Derphoof when Paul ran for POTUS

The next few months marked an upswing in Paul's political activity. He continued to serve as Secretary of Media under Artela, until June came around, where he ran an unsuccessful campaign against Tenshibo where he lost the unity process despite obtaining a higher amount of the popular vote. Though Paul lost, this aided in his winning unopposed by the other T5 parties in July.

Paul Proteus served as President of the United States during the month of July.

Paul Proteus' July 2013 Cabinet

Role Members
President Paul Proteus
Vice President Othere
White House Chief of Staff Josh Frost
Secretary of State Derphoof
Secretary of Defense Deificus
Chair of the National Security Council DMV3
Secretary of Interior Irule777
Secretary of Media Tyler Bubblar
Secretary of Treasury Kemal Ergenekon
Secretary of Homeland Security Kody5.

After this, Paul drifted around, full of existential angst and ennui, doing odd party jobs here and there, including a brief stint as AMP PP before a return to the Feds. Since then he has returned and devoted much of his time to reviving the media, and in December spent some time trying to aid Aramec in running Rainy sunday's unsuccessful, but glorious, bid for President[8]. In August of 2015, Paul returned to serve again as Federalist Party Party president.

Paul achieved further personal success, aiding in the election of Aramec to President in September of 2015. Serving his friend's Vice president , Paul helped spearhead and run the Harvest Festival, a major interior achievement. During this time, Paul Proteus earned two gold medals in Hadrian X's Olympics representing the Broforce contingent, including a decisive victory in the Poetry competition. Paul continued to serve the Federalist Party during this time, acting as the Political Director for two year uninterrupted before disappearing in 2017.

Paul returned to the game in late 2019, acting as Speaker of the House in March of 2019, and returning to his role as Federalist Political Director. In July of 2022, Paul Proteus was once again elected President of the eUS. This time he served for three successful terms before retiring again to party work.

Quotes from Paul's Time in Switzerland

 You are the most dedicated player I have ever seen 
 [Paul]'s young, talented, funny and he's the best choice for this country! 
 Paul, Your a good man 
 Paul, I Love You 
 Paul, You are the hero of heroes 
 Paul, will fight for whats right, he has good morals 
(Dan Heylin, Ambassador to Switzerland from the USA)
 Paul, You're pretty cool, most of the time... 

Life in Switzerland

Paul's first Profile Picture, showing a sketch of Kurt Vonnegut.

Paul Proteus was a Swiss Politician and member of the resistance. When he was born, he was thrust into the world of Swiss politics. Immediately he began to make his mark, helping organize many resistance functions. At level 4 he was getting noticed, posting on the Resistance forums. At level 8, Stranger Here Myself funded Paul Proteus' unlock features, so he could run for Congress. He ran under the Swiss Democratic Party and got in first try with eleven votes! Second only to Lynari, who got 20. Still, this election was a failure for the resistance as Shaolin citizens got 66% of Congress with the same amount of votes.

It was this time when Paul met cooldude97. They became friends, with cooldude97 once saying to Paul, "You are the most devoted player I have seen". Paul also gained political allies with resistance leaders such as JNArno and Penguin4512 with JNArno saying to Paul "You are a valuable asset". JNArno chose Paul to be his vMoF when he was elected president. However, this role was short, as JNArno was soon impeached on his second day. Paul has stayed steadfast in believing in Switzerland, and was re-elected for a second term, doing extraordinarily well at the polls in Deutschschweiz. Paul Proteus also co-founded and co-owned The Swiss Resistance org.

In April, Paul ran as JNArno's MoI (Minister of Interior), however JNArno lost to the SNP's Arschmann, who, as many speculate was a political joke, appointed Paul Proteus Minister of Protection against Brain Slugs, or as it was later changed to, Minister of Entertainment, Paul considered denying this position, as it doesn't entail much, but couldn't resist, and went along with it with a chuckle. Paul ran for the Congress for a third time in Deutschschweiz. He barely got in with 5 votes, but he still got in. He ran with the Swiss Freedom Party, which he officially joined. He also helped push the SFP into joining the coalition that the SLP and PSR were forming.

Because of his effort, and many other reasons, the coalition chose him to run as Eleriel's Vice President. After a very close presidential race, in which Eleriel only won because 30 people who voted for Polly were banned, Paul Proteus became the Vice president of Switzerland! When the next Congressional elections rolled in, Paul decided to run in Svizzera italiana, where he received 7 votes (tied for the most of anyone in that region) even though it was a dead region, thus making Paul 4 out of 4 with being elected in the Congressional Elections. Potaatti then named Paul the Captain of the Soccer.kieko team, the Switzerland Milk Cows, not because Paul was any good, but because Paul asked. The next elections, Paul again ran as Eleriel's vice president, but Clifford Burns won. Still, probably because Paul is ever so well liked, Clifford made him the Vice President, and Vice Head of the Federal Department of the Environment, Transport, Energy and Communications.

Later, when Party Presidential elections creeped up, Wazamaza was unfortunately hacked, so Paul ran and won Party President of the Swiss Freedom Party! Paul ran at the next congressional elections in Romandie, where he got in at 6 votes as a wildcard. Paul then ran again for SFP party president, and beat Manefa. Paul then ran in the next primaries (which Penguin hosted) and beat JNArno by one point, a score of 15-14[9]. Paul then went on to compete against Walther Rathenau and beat Walther in a closely contested race by 12 votes[10].

Campaign material from Paul's Swiss presidential campaign found in Mikhail Alexander's endorsement, spelling error included

With Monumental events such as the shaolins leaving Switzerland and Paul becoming President, Switzerland flew into a new era! Of course all good things do have to end, and Paul let his good friend Jimakos-Thess become the president. Paul did not run for another term of SFP party president, and began to ponder what to do with his eLife... Something monumental then occurred near the end of Jimako's presidency... Paul changed his profile pic from Stan Marsh (which he had maintained for the better part of his Life) to Scott Pilgrim. The next party presidential elections, Paul ran to keep the SFP out of unwelcome hands, unfortunately, he tied 9-9, and Paul, having less Experience lost the SFP, and vowed terrible vengeance.

Next Congressional elections, Paul reluctantly re-entered politics and ran for congress. He didn't really want to win nor take it away from a better candidate, but he noticed a terrible lack of resistance candidates running, and placed his candidature in Graubunden. He did not campaign, but still got in with a meager two votes. Thus, again proving, Paul's indisputable awesomeness.

Paul now saw his opportunity to again save his country, and signed up to run for president, getting the support of the Parti Imperialiste and the Spartan Legion Party. Once again, the masses shouted "P4P!" Paul's election seemed unorganized, and many thought Paul had little chance at winning, but after an amazing effort, Paul won by 15 votes[11].

After a very successful term in which, through an army Paul created, player activity nearly doubled, Paul took an invitation to leave Switzerland and sail to America.


Main article: Goodbye Blue Monday

Besides politics, Paul run his newspaper, Goodbye Blue Monday. This newspaper is Paul's way of relaxing, he tries to write funny articles with lots of nice pictures.

A Ball Named Switzerland

Paul Also Runs another newspapers with his friend Penguin4512. He is a co-writer and co-illustrator of A Ball Named Switzerland.

Here is the A Ball Named Switzerland Archive starting with the name change and Paul's increasing influence

Issue 1- Alliance Comix

Issue 2- I Can See Slovenia from my House!

Issue 3- India and USA Break Up

Issue 4- I'm Gonna Vote!

Issue 5- Live the Swiss Dream

Issue 6- Russia Gets Mugged

Issue 7- The Last Comix

Issue 8- The Test

Issue 9- (A Ball named Switzerland) Test of your Swiss-ness

Guest Appearances

Paul has appeared in other peoples newspapers whether it be a comic or an interview, here is the complete archive


Paul Proteus has co-owned two companies with cooldude97, unfortunately, both have failed.


This was Paul's Switzerland Armed Forces avatar

Paul grew up in a rather a-military Switzerland with MPPs and Training Wars rare and few in between.

However, during Paul's second term as President of Switzerland, he established an army, riding off the MPP his predecessor Walther has signed with Poland. The Switzerland Armed forces, headed by George Armstrong Custer and Mikhail Alexander may not have been a big hitting force, but they were a symbol of Swiss pride and unity, and increased enjoyment of the game and player retention in Switzerland

Obviously, Paul had to resign from the SAF once he moved to the United States, but in March, Paul felt like dipping his feet in the water that is militias and joined the newly formed Ultramarines. He had a lot of fun and even fought a bit. Paul eventually left the Ultramarines when he went to the Philippines, and upon his return, he temporarily spent some time in the Easy Company before leaving that for a short stint in Switzerland. Later he rejoined the Ultramarines for several months.

EnterAwesome made this kickass avatar for Paul when he joined SHIELD. Later it would be slightly modified to serve as a Broforce avatar

Later, Paul joined the Federalist militia SHIELD and made himself this shiny new avatar.

His last military position was Commander of The Broforce.