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Pax Africana Cooperative
Logo of Pax Africana Cooperative
Owners Esteban Delgado, Leif Archaix, Jizzie McGuire, Deus Ex, Harald Moskon du Robespierre
Country Flag-South Africa.jpg South Africa
Headquarters Polokwane, Limpopo
Subsidiaries Bong Belly
Founded August 6, 2008
Founders Esteban Delgado, Leif Archaix, Jizzie McGuire, Deus Ex, Harald Moskon du Robespierre
Industries Food, Banking

Pax Africana Cooperative (PAC) was a government-independent, jointly-owned and democratically run socialist enterprise, or cooperative, of South Africa used to meet the common economic, social, and cultural needs of the community.


Pax African Cooperative was born from the collective joining of owners Esteban Delgado, Leif Archaix, Jizzie McGuire, Deus Ex, Harald Moskon du Robespierre into one stockpiled wealth. This money was used first on August 2, 2008, when Deus Ex bought the quality two Kaja-K food company from Papua-Boys Corporation (the organization account of emonika007), for a bargained Icon - Gold.gif 37 GOLD. The company came stocked with 60 ZAR, licenses to Pakistan and the United States of America, and a history of success as one of only two food companies of its quality in South Africa, it being the highest quality in the country at the time. Delgado and Ex refounded the company as Bong Belly on August 7, 2008 as a public partnership cooperative, and thus the Pax Africana Cooperative was officially in ownership of its first business.

In mid-August, the cooperative extended its services to the banking industry upon exporting Bong Belly food to Pakistan.


PAC is the most active cooperative in South Africa following the inactivity of the national South African cooperatives created by President Bazti.


B.B. Banks

B.B. Banks is the company bank of Bong Belly, a PAC food company that manages the company's finances, transactions, and current exchanges between ZAR, USD, PKR, and gold.

Pax Africana Holdings

Pax Africana Holdings logo

Pax Africana Holdings is the official and central investment, savings, and international exchange bank of the Pax Africana Cooperative. It raised money and exchanges currencies between ZAR, USD, PKR, SEK, RON, ESP, IDR, NOK, GBP, and gold.

PA Holdings has been instrumental in the Cooperative's survival and success. The majority of finances have been fruitfully managed by Hireshmont Vellos.


Bong Belly

Bong Belly was a quality 3 food company owned and managed by the Pax Africana Cooperative.

From the very conception of the company it was intended that Bong Belly serve the public and would not strive for profit. In his address to the nation at Polokwane City Hall, Delgado announced his dedication to cheap food during his bid for the Socialist Party leadership: "[Bong Belly is] the newest and cheapest quality two food company in South Africa." Cooperatives are now part of the Black Lion Front manifesto.

On September 9th, following a massive liquidation sale of all quality two food products, Bong Belly upgraded its food and service quality to three to become South Africa's third food company to reach that quality and fourth of all companies. It is currently the largest cooperative and publicly-owned entity in the nation. However, it has recently been hit by a lack of employees (only 5) and thus a lack of continual stock, since the citizens of South Africa buy it quickly due to the massive difference between its prices and that of other more capitalist food companies, which have been raising their prices due to the lack of Bong Belly's and other low-cost companies' stock.


Bong Belly was attacked in The SA Commoner article 'Danger of the Bong Belly situation' of August 21st for deliberately pushing down the price of food and destroying Q1 business. In addition, the paper raised doubts of Bong Belly's ability to raise a profit and pay her employees. This provoked a strong reaction, mainly from employees and members of the Black Lion Front, who argued that the company was merely trying to bring down the general price of food to an affordable level, and claimed that Bong Belly had helped improve the economy.

The following day editor Tomislav issued an apology to the company ('Economy moving up, wow!', August 22nd) in which he admitted the advance of the SA economy and the Pax Cooperative's efforts in effecting this. He went on to agree with Kintor's - and by extension, the BLF's - call to buy South African food, as opposed to food provided by foreign markets.

Cooperative Practices


As a cooperative, PAC exists not as a for-profit corporation, but as a non-profit organization of company owners and managers that strive to meet the economic, social, and cultural demands and needs of the South African community. As mentioned by Hireshmont Vellos, a South African economist and economic financier and adviser of Pax African Cooperative, Pax Africana Cooperative functions in a way such as a social service that helps South Africa develop and grow stronger economically and socially. In regards to Bong Belly, Vellos countered an attack on the cooperative by the corporate Croats that dictated South Africa in the month of August.

[Bong Belly] is a free-market entity. It functions "unprofitably," and yet it still grows in production, quality, and value... BB profits by increasing skill of its workers, therefore market share. BB profits by increasing quality, therefore acceptable price and market share. BB profits by creating a more reasonable economy on the whole, therefore making their own stability more ensured.

—Hireshmont Vellos

This is the way Pax Africana Cooperative is run and for what reason it exists as a market organization.


The owners of PAC are the five original citizens of South Africa that each pooled in and contributed capital in order to buy the first company, Bong Belly. They are Esteban Delgado, Leif Archaix, Jizzie McGuire, Deus Ex, and Harald Moskon du Robespierre, and all have common and equal ownership of Pax African Cooperative. They are all employed at Bong Belly and paid under the average salary by 50% to ensure a steady flow of production with the least use of resources while collectively sharing the earnings.

There are other important employees or citizens who are either partial owners or people who provide a service to Bong Belly for the common good. Hireshmont Vellos is a volunteer financier and economic adviser and Brendan E Austerion is a partial owner in training after promising to fund a cooperative action with 15 gold.

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