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Nationality Flag-Ireland.jpg Irish
Date of birth May 5, 2008
Date of death Year 2010/2011
Residence Dublin
Sex Male
Minister of Health of Switzerland
May 2008 – May 2008
Congressman of Switzerland
December 2008 – February 2009
Minister of Welfare of Switzerland
December 2008 – February 2009
Congressman of Ireland
February 2009 – September 2009
Minister of Health of Ireland
February 2009 – June 2009
Preceded by 5n4keyes
Congressman of Ireland
November 2009 – February 2010
Military rank Icon rank Commander***.png Commander***
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Early Years and Switzerland

pdiddy started playing in May 2008. He was recruited by Banach of Canada. After issues of getting an acceptance into Beta pdiddy was finally able to play. With the USA-Canada War over he was born in Switzerland where a large group of Canadians and refuges from other countries gathered. The plan was then put into motion, to create the best country in eRepublik. Soon after arriving pdiddy was placed into the position of Minister of Health by Antonio Fonti. During this time pdiddy also met Inanis and became heavily involved in the Uni program, which to this day still has members across the New World.

Swiss War and Bulgaria

The peace in Switzerland was soon broken by the France-Switzerland War where Italy and France both attacked Switzerland at the same time. This created a very hectic life for pdiddy in his early days because he was in charge of gifting all people fighting for Switzerland. With Switzerland lost pdiddy evacuated the country with many other Swiss to Bulgaria. There the Swiss created a party in the largely inactive country and soon gained its presidency. The main goal of the Swiss was not to take over the country, but to help it thrive, which it did.


Within a couple of months of moving to Bulgaria pdiddy left in suit of a country that met his likes. He settled in the lovely country of Ireland. To this day pdiddy has great bonds to the country and its people. There pdiddy met people like patton, Michael Collins, Top Gun, ImaNewbie, 5n4keyes, Quatermass, Igor Thunderbrow, and many others. While in Ireland pdiddy had many business ventures. Most not ending in profit because employees were paid very well and products sold cheaply which was perfectly ok to the people who were part of this joint venture. pdiddy spent a long time in Ireland and still calls it his true home to this day.

Swiss Independence

While displaced from his first eRepublik home of Switzerland pdiddy always dreamed of regaining the territory. This is why pdiddy and Inanis finally started to rally ex- Swiss and future citizens. pdiddy created the first donation center in eRepublik to help with collecting money to fight for Switzerland freedom. Soon pdiddy met Bremer of the United Kingdom and they worked together to raise money. Then Bremer introduced Big Brother to pdiddy and they became great friends. Dreaming about a free Switzerland that was soon to come.


December came and the first resistance wars were started. After fighting in the Resistance Wars Switzerland was then finally freed on December 10th. Now back in Switzerland pdiddy joined the Swiss Neutrality Party. Soon pdiddy became a Congressman and then once Big Brother won the President's seat pdiddy became the Minister of Wellness. Since being elected to congress pdiddy has proposed many bills in the Swiss National Forums.

In January 2009 Switzerland was taken over by the Theocrats and Dio Brando. The Theocrats took over the congress through a political takeover, gaining over 50% of congress. A week before the February Presidential Elections Dio Brando soon entered the country to run for President of Switzerland for the Theocratic Party. Because of Switzerland being taken over with no hope in sight pdiddy left the country after the presidential elections. He returned to Ireland.

Department of Health

When 5n4keyes "abandoned" his role as Minister of Health under President Nithraldur in the February/March 2009 term, pdiddy was called in as the replacement. Since then, he has started a gifting scheme for citizens with low wellness under Presidents Theus Jackus and Top Gun. He began being supplied by Irish State Gifts in early April, but has ran into difficulty with the shortage of gifts. With the shortage of gifts the Dept. Of Health still under the supervision of pdiddy decided to implement a ticket wellness program called Ireland Fast Wellness Program at the end of April 2009. The remaining gifts are being held in reserve. In June 2009 the gift company opened once again and the gifting program restarted. At this time pdiddy also started on the workings of a cheap housing program for citizens of eIreland. Also in June pdiddy resigned as Minister of Health due to the fake war put on by President Nithraulder and the UK. pdiddy cited a lack of communication as the reasoning behind resigning. The Dept. of Health was taken over by the deputy minister.

Departure from Ireland

In September 2009, pdiddy did not run for re-election in congress. Instead pdiddy chose to leave eIreland and get a break from politics and to tour a few war torn countries. He first moved to Spain and then to Russia where in both countries he fought ferociously in the battles taking place. pdiddy vowed that one day he would be back in eIreland.

Return to Ireland

After two months pdiddy finally returned to Ireland on November 9th, 2009. The beautiful country welcomed him back with open arms. pdiddy promised to run in the next congress elections and take back his chair in the Dail.

Return to Switzerland

At the beginning of March pdiddy finally decided that his time in eIreland was done and he returned to Switzerland on March 3rd, 2010. There he immediately immersed himself in the Swiss society and politics, joined Swiss Liberal Party and updating himself quickly on the current PTO situation in Switzerland. It was a dire situation, but luckily in the March presidential elections a Swiss citizen that was not part of the PTO was elected. It was a great success for all of Switzerland. With the new president in place pdiddy was appointed the Ambassador of Switzerland to Ireland. With pdiddy's vast experience in Ireland it was only fitting. While in Switzerland pdiddy declared his semi-retirement. "Switzerland is my birthplace, it will also be my place of final resting one day." Since then he has moved to Brazil in search of high wages. While remaining in Brazil pdiddy has still supported the Swiss revolutionary movement and has kept his Swiss citizenship.

Returning to Ireland for His Final Resting Place

At the beginning of July, pdiddy resigned from his job, returned to Ireland and asked for citizenship. Once citizenship was granted, pdiddy made it known that his time in erep was over. This was mostly due to the sad state of the game following the release of V2. Since his days as a Beta tester for the game, pdiddy showed massive support, but with the further releases of newer and newer versions the game slowly degraded. V2 was the last straw for pdiddy. It is unknown if pdiddy will be resurrected, but everything is always a possibility. pdiddy had an amazing journey throughout his many years in the New World. The friends he made can never be replaced and they will never be forgotten. Ireland was chosen as his final resting grounds because of his amazing love for the country and the people. With Switzlerland, his birthplace, still under the control of a foreign invader it only made sense he would move to Ireland. pdiddy always regarded Ireland as his home and it will continue to be his home and final resting place for a long time to come.