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Nationality Flag-Greece.jpg Greek
Date of birth 08 June 2009
Date of death 2012 (est)
Residence Icon-Iran.png Esfahan
Sex Male
Newspaper Democratic Speech of L.A.
Military rank Icon rank Field Marshal*.png Field Marshal*
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Periklhs was a citizen of Icon-Greece.png Greece who for a short time lived in the Icon-USA.png United States of America.


Born on 8th of June 2009 (Day 566 of the New World) in Icon-Greece.png Greece, Periklhs stayed there for 7-8 months. Periklhs joined the leftist party ΕΔΑ (EDA), was nominated two times in elections for the Greek parliament, but failed to enter.

Later, following the path of diplomacy, he was appointed Greek ambassador to Icon-Romania.png Romania for two months. He resigned from the post of ambassador because of disagreement with the Greek Minister of Foreign Affairs.

He left the Greek political scene and applied self-imposed exile in the United States.

Life in the USA

Flag-USA.jpg In America, he created the first company, in the food sector. After nearly a month in America, he got American citizenship and joined the United Independents Party.

Shortly thereafter, on day 909, while the company was Q2, because of an economic crisis, Periklhs decided to sell the company to an English businessman.

Periklhs still had in possession of a small Q1 gift company which was inactive.

Treasure maps

Two times Periklhs managed to get treasures maps, first time with Icon-gold.gif 4.6 GOLD, and a second time with Icon-gold.gif 4.5 GOLD.

Life in the UK

Flag-UK.jpg A year later, around day 1200, Periklhs moved to Icon-United Kingdom.png United Kingdom, became a soldier in UK's Independent Forces and a party member of The APP. With The APP, Periklhs tried to become a Congress member in June 2011, however, unsuccesfully.

Media activity

Periklhs was a press director of Democratic Speech of LA, later known as Democratic Voice. Most articles were in Greek and they were related to Greece.


Periklhs worked in the construction sector during V1 version of the game.

Manufacturing Land Construction Strength
Icon skill manufacturing.gif 0 Icon skill land.gif 0 Icon skill construction.gif 7.26 Icon skill strength.gif 3,929.94