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Pertamax is the Indonesian equivalent for the English eRepublik meme First.

An example of pertamax comment in an article

All about Pertamax

In every article written by Indonesians, there's always be "pertamax" in first comment. It seems to be the spirits of eIndonesia Citizens to appreciate others article by giving the first comment. When a citizen comments PERTAMAX or PERTAMAXXX (no matter the number of x is), it means that you are the first person giving comment in an article. It is also interesting that one of Indonesia's Pertamina gasoline products in Real Life is called Pertamax.

Condition to get Pertamax

Of course it must be on the first comment in an article could get pertamax. Pertamax can only be accepted if you lucky to be the first commentators on an article. Its basis is from numbers translated to Bahasa Indonesia :

  • First, translated to pertama (pertamax)
  • Second, translated to kedua (keduax)
  • Third, translated to ketiga (ketiax)
  • Fourth, translated to keempat (kesempax)
  • Fifth, translated to kelima (klimax)

Condition of keduax, ketiax, kesempax, or klimax is when someone else had claim the pertamax. And of course you must place it in order (pertamax, keduax, ketiax, kesempax, klimax). It is thought that it is already a custom in Indonesia to appreciate others articles. Because of that, many people give comment pertamax as excited as getting rewards.

Fail to get Pertamax

If you fail to get your pertamax, somebody else (or maybe yourself) will comment the fail moment to obtain pertamax. There are some words that symbolized someone who failed to get their pertamax :

  • GAGALMAXXX, gagal is Indonesian translation of fail
  • FAILMAXXXX, maximum fail
  • Pertamax mahal, Indonesian translation of "Pertamax is expensive"

Another MAXXX

You can also make a pertamax from your name, or the topic in your article. For example :

  • EDENMAXXX, when the topic of the article discuss about EDEN
  • (Insert Your Nickname)MAXXX, you can also use this beside pertamax
  • GÁTmaxx, you can also hype your Military Unit.

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