Philippine Basketball Association

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ePhilippine Basketball Association
Philippine Basketball Association.png
Commissioner: Boy Pick Up
Format: Sports League
Coutry of Origin: Icon-Philippines.png The Philippines
General Information
League Location: Philippines
Founder: Boy Pick Up

 · Boy Pick Up
 · Vincenzo Roque

League Information
Number of Teams: 16
Current Conference: Reinforced Cup
Most Titles: Red Horse Energy Kings (3)
Recent Champions: Philippine Cup - Red Horse Energy Kings
Reinforced Cup - Red Horse Energy Kings

The ePhilippine Basketball Association (ePBA) is a professional eRepublik basketball league in the Philippines composed of mostly company-branded franchised teams. Scorinator is a program that is used by the league administrators to simulate the results. The games are facilitated by Commissioner Boy Pick Up and Assistant Commissioner Vincenzo Roque.


The ePhilippine Basketball Association was first suggested in the ePhilippine Forums by Boy Pick Up on March 2, 2013. Vincenzo Roque then studied how to use scorinators so that they could simulate the games. A lot of test runs of seasons were created and finally the ePhilippine Basketball Association was stable enough and can be introduced to the nation. [1]

After almost two weeks of preparation, the league was introduced to the eWorld and was open for applications. Many suggested to use a fantasy sports league website but they insisted that the scorinator was the better choice to keep the league fast paced. The league published a sign-up article every two days until March 31, 2013. [2]


The teams in the league are owned by players who were approved by the Commissioner after they fill up the application form given by the league. Their team names have a variety, from brand names to cities and countries and to even food and political ideologies, they used it. In that way, their teams showed uniqueness and so that they can be easily distinguished. [3]

Current teams

Key Figures

The Philippine Basketball Association is currently led by the Commissioner and Founder Boy Pick Up, together with the help of Vincenzo Roque, Assistant Commissioner of the league.

ePhilippine Basketball Association Key Figures
Avatar Name Position
Citizen6180843.jpg Boy Pick Up PBA Commissioner
Citizen2285968.jpg Vincenzo Roque PBA Assistant Commissioner

Game Venue

Majority of the games in the Philippine Basketball Association are held in either the Smart Araneta Coliseum in Quezon City and the Eugene Bautista Memorial Stadium in Manila. Alternate venues are used if both stadiums are occupied or for promotional purposes.

ePhilippine Basketball Association Stadiums
Venue Location Owner
Araneta Coliseum Quezon City Philippine Basketball Association
Eugene Bautista Memorial Stadium Manila Royal House of Luzon
Maroon Parrots Gym Manila eUniversity of ePhilippines
Kadayao Royal Coliseum Puerto Princesa Royal House of Palawan
Robert Jaworski Grand Coliseum Cebu Royal House of Visayas
Prince Terence I Arena Davao Royal House of Mindanao

International Promotion

The ePhilippine Basketball Association has affiliates that promote the league internationally. The league pays 200 PHP or more for promotional articles outside the Philippines. They have currently reached Icon-Malaysia.png Malaysia, Icon-Italy.png Italy, Icon-Turkey.png Turkey, Icon-United Kingdom.png United Kingdom and Icon-Republic of Moldova.png Moldova. [4]

ePhilippine Basketball Association Promotion Partners
Avatar Name Flag Country Result
Citizen3434119.jpg Leo Syahmessi Flag-Malaysia.jpg Malaysia Promoted
Citizen3234005.jpg Fanaxidiel Flag-Italy.jpg Italy Promoted
Citizen3933665.jpg Lupusorul tainic Flag-Republic of Moldova.jpg Republic of Moldova Promoted
Citizen1020472.jpg Eldarion Sionnodel Flag-Turkey.jpg Turkey Promoted
Citizen5654321.jpg Salvator3 Flag-United Kingdom.jpg United Kingdom Promoted

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