Philippine Progressive Party

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Philippine Progressive Party

General Information
Country Flag-Philippines.jpg Philippines
Abbreviation PPP
Newspaper The Notepad
Colors Black, Blue, Red and White
Founded April 19 2011
Dissolved August 18 2011
President Sigurd Aasen
Congress Occupancy N/A
Succeeds Bayan Muna
Succeeded By Bayanihan
Orientation Center-left
Ideology Libertarian

Philippine Progressive Party was a Center-left, Libertarian Philippine Political Party, successor of Bayan Muna.


The PPP was founded with the purpose of bringing a life spark to the existing membership and possibly enlarge it. However, after several months of its creation that spark was lost and the founder, Sigurd Aasen, realized it was time for a new change. That is why after his brief trip to Norway he rejoined his old party and entered the race for the Party President seat. He explained [1] that his victory on the elections would mean renaming of the party. The majority of the members must have thought that his idea is well founded so they delivered the victory to him.

PPP Presidents

The Presidents
Name Term Status
1st Sigurd Aasen April 2011 Active
2nd Kyle321n May 2011 Dead
3rd Sigurd Aasen June 2011 Active
4th Elari Reili July 2011 Dead
5th Sigurd Aasen August 2011 Active

Sigurd Aasen is noted as the Last Party President of the Philippine Progressive Party.


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