Phor Cillic

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Phor Cillic

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Nationality Flag-Poland.jpg Polish
National rank 4491
Date of birth Oct 16, 2009
Date of death 2011
Residence Mazuria
Military rank Icon rank Commander***.png Commander***
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Phor Cillic (in Real World: Krzysztof Dąbrowski), born 12th February 1992 in Olsztyn, Mazuria. eRepublik Account born in 16th October 2009 (696. day of the New World). Phor was eRepublik Sports promotor and organisator in Poland. He was press director of eSports News/eSports Week newspaper, administrator of eSpeedway and eCycling, promotor of eCrichet and the eOlympic Games in Poland and Head of Polish eSports Federation.

Two-click life

He started playing eRepublik, 2 months before Polish "Wykop" & "Demot" Baby Booms. In first days, he doing a typical 2-click life. But he starts to find some more actions in eRepublik (other than Work, Train or Fight). In November 2009 he found eMMA Federation in Australia. He signed up, and fought. Results: 0-1 (lost in battle against Ari Lazarus). That was also the last fight in the Federation.

Beginner eRepOrganisator life

At end of November, Phor has created a poll in Polish eRepulik Centrum about create new eRepublik Sport. Results has satysfing - over 80% people was for this initiative[?]. In December 2009 he creates eSpeedway. In first weeks registration is available only for Polish people, but they allowed also for 'foreigners in Poland'.

eSportsNews director life

In January 2010, he starts searching for other eSports at the New World. He found eCricket and next eMMA. In this year he creates eSports News (it's also called eSports Week)- one of the biggest eRepublikSport press in the New World.

Polish eSports Federation life

In January he started project called eFootball (different than eFIFA), who gets his recommendation. This, and next month, was good month for eSports - in this time has created also: Polish eFormula 1, eSki Jumping, the eOlymmpic Games and next eMMA federation. In March 2010, Phor, Mihone and other polish eRepublikSports federation creates Polish eSports Federation.

Comeback life

In July 2010 to November 2010 he wasn't active player in eRep - his character was slowly going to death. But eSki Jumping reactivation had 'summoned' him to eRepublik again. He had created new wersion of eSpeedway, joined Partia Wolnych Ludzi and ultimetly quit the game in 2011.