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Nationality Flag-United Netherlands.jpg eRepublikan
Date of birth December 9, 2008
Day 385
Date of death December 29, 2009
Day 770
Residence Western Netherlands, United Netherlands
Sex Male
Military rank Icon rank Commander***.png Commander***
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Phyrax was a soldier from the Icon-United Netherlands.png United Netherlands, holding the rank of General at the top of his career. He died on December the 29th, day 770 of the New World. His grave can be visited in the Western Netherlands region.

Birth and early life

Phyrax was born on 9 December 2008, in the Southern Netherlands.
After his birth, Phyrax was no active citizen. He did work and train every day, but that was about it. He looked at the big world of politics and hoped to join, although he got the feeling that entering wasn't going to be an easy task.
On the 3rd of May 2009, he finally decided to wake up from his two-clicker coma and joined the community of active players in what was then the Netherlands.


The start

Although he initially decided that he wanted to go into politics, his plans changed when Phyrax thought it better to wait to join a party. He wanted to get to know everyone first before getting really involved. This, however, meant that for the time being he focused his attention on another field of public life.
In the meantime, the Netherlands unofficially became the United Netherlands after merging peacefully with Belgium. As a result, the Netherlands Army was getting reorganized. Phyrax thought this would be the best time to join the army. What he didn't realise at the time was that this decision would change his life.

Repelling an invasion

On June 23 United States Marine Corps invaded his beloved homeland. They came under the guise of liberating the former Belgian regions, even though the vast majority (if not all) of the Belgian population supported the Union. Phyrax fought viciously to keep the nation unified and that drew the attention of his superiors.
When the invasion finally ended with the help of PEACE allies, Army High Command decided that the army needed another change. Having enjoyed his time in the army, Phyrax decided to stay and enlist again. This time, however, there was a surprise in store for Phyrax. He was promoted to commander of a unit, the eUNL Commando Corps.

Commander of the eUNL Commando Corps

During his time as a commander, Phyrax dragged his men from one conflict to another. The first of many foreign missions was to Serbia. This country wanted to get it's original regions back from Croatia, and Army Central Command of the United Netherlands decided that this effort was worth the support of the Flying Dutchmen, the elite unit of the United Netherlands Army. The Commando Corps was sent in as well for backup. After several days of hard fighting, the commandos managed to drive the Croatians back home. The commandos returned home as heroes. This certainly wasn't the last time Phyrax would go on a mission

Becoming a General

Phyrax became more and more involved in the United Netherlands Army. After some time, members of Army Central Command wanted to retire from the Army. This meant that the function of General was open. Phyrax decided to inform the Defence Minister of that time (Frerk) that he wanted to help. Initially, it looked that Phyrax wasn't going to make General until Frerk informed him that he literally drowned in work and that he needed help. So it was that Phyrax got a promotion he worked hard to get.


After a long career in the United Netherlands Army, Phyrax finally decided that it was enough. He transferred command of the Commando Corps over to Almeidis after which Phyrax retreated to his luxury Q5 house to do whatever retired people do. He did keep good contacts with several of his veterans as well as some civilian friends.


The beginning of the end

After Phyrax retired, his wellness declined rapidly. He refused to eat food, resulting in an even quicker decline. This worried some of his friends, especially after Phyrax announced that this series of events would usher in his final end.

One more task

Although Phyrax planned to go quietly into another plane of existence, fate had something different in mind. When word reached Phyrax's ears that a merge was planned between the United Kingdom and his country The United Netherlands, he decided that he had to act. Phyrax would later call this "dragging his people away from the gates of oblivion." After a series of posts in which he explained his views on the merge some people did listen. Especially Daniel Parker of The libertarian party urged him to make a more elaborate post, which Phyrax decided to do. From his deathbed, he made an article that strongly opposed the merger. This final inspired more people to think again.

Being refused to die

All this time, Phyrax's wellness steadily dropped to zero. Phyrax prepared himself to meet his maker, however on the brink of death Daniel Parker couldn't bear to watch and tricked Phyrax to eat food. Although Phyrax did appreciate this gesture, he did urge Daniel Parker not to do this again. When Phyrax's health reached zero again, he was saved a second time by a series of gifts from a Commando Corps veteran, Matt Johnson. A third attempt to pass away was stopped by epix.


After epix stopped him from dying, Phyrax decided to make clear that further attempts to keep him alive were not needed. This time his friends decided to honour his wish. On December the 29th, day 770 of the New World, Phyrax passed away.

...Or not?

Even though Phyrax left his mortal remains behind, some claim to have seen him after his death. Rumours are strange noises can be heard on IRC and, if one looks closely, a human shape can be seen. Some say that Phyrax's ghost has asked them if the merger between the United Kingdom and his country the United Netherlands has been stopped or not. These rumours have led to the popular belief that Phyrax's ghost can never rest until the merge has been stopped.