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Badge - Willems-Orde.jpg I, ArtemIvanov, President of the Netherlands, hereby award Pierre Delvaux the title of Commandeur in the Willems-orde for military valor. Ribbon - Willems-Orde - Commander.png
Badge - Orde der Nederlandse Leeuw.jpg I, Daniel Parker, President of the Netherlands, hereby award Pierre Delvaux the title of
Knight in the Orde der Nederlandse Leeuw for political dedication to our country.
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Pierre Delvaux

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Nationality Flag-Netherlands.jpg Dutch
Date of birth 12 October 2009
Date of death Early 2012 (est)
Residence Icon-Netherlands.png Eastern Netherlands
Sex Male
Newspaper The Delvaux View
Congress member of Netherlands
26 July 2011 – 26 August 2011
Party president of The Workers' Party
16 February 2010 – 15 March 2010
Preceded by RuBenKlunZ
Succeeded by Pogorausch58
16 May 2010 – 16 June 2010
Preceded by Thomas Keesman
Party president of Centre-Left Netherlands
16 September 2011 – 15 November 2011
Preceded by Fryskiene
Succeeded by Shakerr
Military unit CLN MU
Military rank Icon rank General**.png General**
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Pierre Delvaux was a citizen of the Icon-Netherlands.png Netherlands; he was born there on Day 692 of the New World, and has lived in the lowlands ever since.

Pierre has been heavily involved in the politics of the eNation. He was the founder of The Workers' Party, and served two terms as PP, and a further four as VP. During this time the party grew into an established member of the 'Top 5' and was the only voice of the Left in the Netherlands. During this period, he was also the co-founder of the Workers' Party Bread Company, the eNation's first co-operative.

He was elected to Congress for the first time in the May 2010 elections and has since gone onto serve 12 terms in total, making him one of the most recognised members of the eNL Congress of that time. He made his first bid for the Country Presidency in June 2010, when he finished a very creditable 4th, garnering the highest vote for a left-wing candidate in the history of the eState up to that moment.

In August 2010 he founded his own party, Lijst Pierre Delvaux, which he led into a coalition government with the Libertarian Social Democrats, under the leadership of the late Hans Rienveld; Delvaux served as SS of Media and Information. The administration introduced many pioneering progressive policies, in the face of stiff opposition from Iron and Wine. To Delvaux's regret, It was the last government formed under the Congressional model.

Following another, even more, successful CP run, LPD was controversially PTO'd by Konrad Neumann, who, by his own admission, used underhanded means to guide him to victory. The Delvaux View dubbed Neumann 'The Thief of Amsterdam' in response to his actions.

Tiring of the small-minded nature of his opponents, who were dismissive of his anti-kleptocratic ideals, Delvaux withdrew from party politics for a time, serving 2 terms as Ambassador to Belgium. Establishment figure Mael Dunbar famously called his performance in this role "outstanding", and Delvaux received official commendation for his efforts.

Whilst fighting bravely for the eNL army, Delvaux represented the Independent Party in Congress, before becoming the last party president of LSD. Following a period spent in DemNL, during which time he was one of the more active members of Congress, but then returned to his progressive roots, by joining CLN, which was the 4th party he has been PP of.