Pinguim Flu

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Pinguim Flu

Pinguim Flu.jpg


General Information
Country Flag-Portugal.jpg Portugal
Total Soldiers 246
Commanded by fmigpaulo

Pinguim Flu is a military unit established in Portugal. It is one of the largest units there.


With their game established and some free time, Klavh and kualkerr decided to start a brand new Private Army. Lucifel was also creating his own army, so they decided to merge them in one. Kualkerr and Lucifel quickly dismissed from the army, so the only Founder that remain active was Klavh.

In consequence of being the only active army in Portugal, Pinguim Flu quickly gain many members and became the only Portuguese damage source for Phoenix.

Chain of command

Klavh was first supreme commander and his majors were Malagueta and luis-paulo.

Later, Malagueta took over the command position and today the commander is fmigpaulo.

Official IRC Channel

All Pinguim Flu members meet at #Pinguim-Flu @Rizon


The official newspaper is: Pinguim Flu News.

Battle Achievements

Totally owned Spain and her famous 'Armada' in the liberation of Portuguese's last land Algarve[1]

Favourite Bot

Pinguim Flu's favourite bot is, without any doubt, the almighty fishbot. Some of Pinguim Flu's high command already had vhost so they dedicated to fishbot those as, FISHBOT.LIVES4EVER and FISH.NEVER.DIE, when eRepublik was added.