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General Information
Country Flag-Sweden.jpg Sweden
Abbreviation PP
Forum Forum
Founded 9 December 2008
Dissolved April 2009 (est)
Congress Occupancy 0 seats, 0%
Succeeded By Bahamot Super army of Death
Orientation Center
Ideology Liberal

Piratpartiet - The Pirate Party was a Swedish party.

 We work for individual freedom, a pleasant political environment and for democracy. 
(Piratpartiet's mission)


Next are Piratpartiet policies that were set by them when the party was established in December 2008.


  • We want to promote the growth of Swedish media to be characterized by openness, discussion, and a nice discussion without personal attacks. This will occur by requiring an increased respect for citizens and their thoughts.
  • We want a nicer political climate where there is a functioning discussion across party lines. We want fresh new ideas from both new players and old and we like to offer up for debate.
  • We work for a more sustainable, long-thinking policy that does not need any foolhardy precipitate action.
  • We are not the party that has been planned to take over either the power of Sweden or the world but want to be a well-mort cogwheel in the Swedish organization.


We look beyond the borders

  • In recent times, Sweden has lost many people and so, we believe in The Pirate Party has a link to Sweden is no longer interested in the regions of our neighboring countries. It may not sound so funny to attack your neighbor, but we believe that if Sweden were to wage war from home so it would be a sharp increase in population in Sweden. But it is not just enough to start a war, it needed careful planning.
  • We do not believe that war to take over a province where there is good productivity is something wrong, however, we want to say that Sweden should be fully prepared that everything can happen. We do this by building up a large stock of arms, gifts, and food before we go to war. Though this, war will not affect the individual player with the exorbitant food prices. That makes the player lose wellness and not produce as much as before. This will hurt the market even more and prices continue to rise. We want to be sure to win the war before we user our weapons.
  • At the moment there is a lack of regions with high-production in Sweden which means that we must work twice as much for the same production as it is in another country. This is an issue which requires an act of war. We can not let other countries strengthen their economies and fill up their stocks. We have to, as quickly as possible find a high-region and attack this with full strength.

Foreign Service

The Swedish military is serving most of its time in other countries. The Pirate Party thinks that the Swedish government should give our brave soldiers, more money, weapons and wellness. This will make our soldiers do an even better job abroad.

Military Service

Many new players quit playing because they think that the whole game is to press two buttons. But if the Swedish government would sponsor the beginners with weapons and moving tickets, we in The Pirate Party believe that many of the new players would continue playing Erepublik.


  • We want to see the Swedes work in Swedish factories, this by offering an attractive environment with high wages that gives the workers high wellness by being able to buy more quality food. This will increase the wellness of the players, and the production will be held high, which gives lower prices in the market.
  • We want a free market with low government influence. We do not want the player to pay half of their salary in income tax. We want to keep this at a low level. To raise money for the County's treasury having higher import taxes on the goods can be produced in Sweden is a better alternative, which also helps Sweden's smaller companies.

Resources that we need in Sweden but does not have any provinces with should be available to buy at a reasonable price through trade agreements with countries in a nearby area. Good relationships with these counties can give us great opportunities to export our products to them.

  • We do not want to see private monopolies in the market, ie, large owners who drive out smaller companies, that may have at least as much knowledge of the area, good ideas, and innovative projects.

State companies

As most know, the Swedish state owns a number of companies. This is, of course, for better or worse. It gives a good and secure income to the Swedish State. However, the new small businesses haven't got the same resources and money as the state-owned companies which can give the state-owned a too big lead. The Pirate Party advocates that a consideration of which state-owned companies really are needed and which of them you can sell or liquidate.

Private companies

The private companies are sitting on a lot of knowledge, this should be used to give Sweden a better market. But to get all the knowledge we need to get Sweden to become a country where people want to work and where individuals want to start companies. This must be done through taxes (see Taxes) so that individuals dare to start a business, without fear of being ruined. The greater number of private enterprises created within our borders, the better, because it means that we are moving towards a more open market economy and that can only be a good thing for Sweden.


  • Income tax - The Pirate Party's general idea of the income tax is that it should be as low as possible because this benefits the player. However, it is obvious that it may have to be raised when Sweden is in economic crisis. Otherwise, the income tax should be as low as possible.
  • Import Tax - Import taxes will be adjusted by the demand and the availability of the different materials. The import taxes on raw materials should be kept low as long as Sweden does not have a high region for that particular raw material.

It is really important to know the demand and the availability of particular products. If there are high demand and limited access within the Swedish borders, the import taxes must be kept at a low rate. But if there are a low demand and high availability when the import tax should be increased and be at a level which favors the Swedish business before foreign.

  • VAT (VAT) - This is something that rather should be raised than to raise the income tax.


  • We believe that everyone has the right to a hospital of high quality, therefore we encourage the State to continue their work in building high-quality hospitals in all Swedish regions. This also to discourage urbanisation, which produces an imbalance in the present Congress elections system.
  • We want all Swedes involved in the game. Both through articles in erepublik.com but also by the discussion on the Swedish erepublik forum.
  • We want a nice political climate, instead of the unnecessary, stupid mudslinging that exists between the various parties. We all seek the same goal, a better Sweden. We just do this in different ways.
  • We are probably the most beginner-friendly party in Sweden. Your opinion is more important in The Pirate Pary than anywhere else.


We are for a Nordic trading-cooperation but do believe that we should think about which countries really are worthy partners. We must also keep the doors open for the expansion of our country, to take some of the existing high-regions.

We in The Pirate Party are open to a continued military cooperation with the ATLANTIS countries, however, the Swedish people have to know more about what really is happening in ATLANTIS because it also affects them, and not only the high-ranked politicians. We also think that ATLANTIS should continue its efforts to protect the vulnerable countries and that vigorous efforts must be taken against PEACE.



  • 9 December 2008 - The party is formed by The Pirate Bay
  • 5 January 2009 - The Pirate Bay gets 9,07% of the votes (44th) in the presidential elections, which is a very good result.
  • 25 February 2009 - Mona Sahlin gets The Pirate Party's first congress seat.
  • 5 February 2009 - The Pirate Bay takes the third place in the presidential election.
  • 25 March 2009 - The Pirate Party gets 2 seats in the Congress.
  • Party is disbanded, with 45 members, and becomes the Bahamot Super army of Death.