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This page has been saved as historical information.

Organization accounts as private accounts owned by Citizens doesn't exist any more, but the article was left to see how did organizations look like.

Platinum Group
Logo of Platinum Group
Owners jerryGFL, Pagan and TheTruePredator
Country Flag-United Kingdom.jpg United Kingdom
Headquarters Platinum UK
Subsidiaries Platinum Brazil
Founded 9th of October 2008 (Day 324)
Founders jerryGFL, Pagan and TheTruePredator
Industries Raw materials
Colours Blue and silver

Platinum Group was Raw Materials organisation which wanted to setup Raw Materials companies abroad that will export their resources to the UK and other international markets.

They were willing to sign deals with any companies that is interested in Platinum providing the materials required. They were also willing to discuss with representatives from Governments around the world about Platinum catering for the countries markets requirements.


The Platinum Brazil SO account managed the following two companies:

  • Platinum Iron
  • Platinum Diamonds


The Platinum Shareholders were (in chronological order)

Platinum Group Contract

Platinum Group SO-Contract


  • jerryGFL
  • Pagan
  • TheTruePredator

Contract Start Date: Immediately

Contract Duration: Valid permanently until cancelled by all Founders

§1 Creating and running SO-accounts

§1.1 Creation of further Platinum SO accounts

Any new SO account must be voted on by all Founders and it needs 100% approval. Once agreed one of the Founders will invite the new SO. Each new SO must be named “Platinum {Country}{Region}{Sector}” where “{Country}” is the name of the Country the SO will reside, {Region} is the name of the Region the SO will reside and {Sector} is the name of the Sector the SO is for. Each foreign SO should also be founded in the eUK and then be moved to the country/region it is intended for. This is to ensure that each foreign SO has a GBP account. The invite gold is then to be transferred to the newly founded SO and to be used for living and running costs. The invite gold will not affect the shares that the Founders have in the companies.

§1.2 The SO-Passwords

The passwords for every Platinum SO will be available to all 3 Founders, so that they can all have access to the SO accounts. The password shall not be changed by one of the Founders unless all 3 decide that a new password is more suitable. The password shall also not be revealed by any means to anyone who is not listed as founder above.

§1.3 Ownership of the Group

After paying his start-up investment as outlined in §2.1, each founder will own an equal share of 33.33% in ‘Platinum Group’. No founder is permitted to move a company into their personal account.

§1.4 Export licenses and upgrades

All Founders must agree before an export license/upgrade is to be purchased.

§1.5 Bookkeeping

Every action taken by an founder needs to be recorded in the Platinum spreadsheets clearly stating the amount and the use. This includes:

  • Buying food
  • Buying moving tickets
  • Buying upgrades/export licenses
  • Any donations between the Platinum SO accounts
  • Any other action that involves GOLD or local currency being used

Founders must not move large amounts of GOLD or local currency without first consulting the other Founders for their agreement.

Company’s wages and employees also need to be listed and kept up to date.

§1.6 Official SO-rules

All the Founders agree to the official rules for a SO account as laid out by the admin that a SO is not allowed to:

  • vote in any elections
  • join a political party
  • be hired (cannot be an employee)
  • buy weapons
  • train
  • fight

§2 Investment and Finances

§2.1 Initial investment

Each founder has to pay 60 GOLD each to the Platinum UK SO account. This total of 180 GOLD will then be used to set up two raw material companies for 80 Gold, the remaining gold will be used to run the companies, i.e. Converting gold into local currency for the employees’ wages, purchasing export license(s) and upgrades to the companies etc.

§2.2 Protection phase

After the set-up of each SO account, all Founders agree to not take money out of the SO account or the companies managed by that SO for the first 28 days (4 weeks) and thereafter agree to take money out in accordance with §2.3 .

§2.3 Return on investment

After the initial protection phase as outlined above, each founder may take out up to 10% of the profits made in GBP by the companies at the end of each month. This is to ensure that enough money remains in the companies for wages and further running of the companies. Should the companies run very successfully for at least 2 months the above percentage could be increased to a to a higher percentage per founder, if all 3 Founders agree on such an action. Any money taken out by a founder has to be clearly stated in the Platinum spreadsheets. None of the Founders should take out more money than outlined above, or he may be subject to eviction from the SO.

§2.4 Losses and Bankruptcy and Leaving

Should the business prove very unsuccessful after the first month of running, all 3 Founders have to agree on closing down the business. If there is mutual agreement, each founder may remove 33.33% of the funds remaining in the companies or the SO account(s) and transfer it back to their own in game accounts. Should there be no money left in the accounts, the Founders will not be able to get back any of their original investment. If one founder alone decides to leave the business, he will be entitled to 50% of his share of the companies. The ownership would then change to a 50/50 split between the remaining two Founders of all remaining funds/companies. The remaining founders will immediately change all Platinum related passwords, including the email accounts.

§3 Inactivity and Absence

Each founder has to inform the others of any absence longer than 48 hours clearly stating when he will be returning. He should also state why he is away. Failure to notify the other Founders of any absence longer than 48 hours will result in the inactive founder being evicted from the Platinum group temporarily. If a founder is absent for more than 7 days, then he must be active for at least 48 hours upon his return before he will be granted access to the SO accounts again. Any absence longer than 48 hours will mean a temporary change of all the passwords only known to the present founders. Upon return of the absent founder they will revert back to the original passwords.

§4 Breaking of the contract by an founder

§4.1 Taking out more money than agreed to in §2.3

Should any of the Founders purposefully take out more money than he is entitled to as outlined in §2.3, then this is regarded as breaking the contract. The founder will lose all rights in the group and be subject to pay back the amount he took from the company above his allowed percentage. The fine will have to be donated back to the SO account.

§4.2 Disclosing or changing the passwords

Should any founder change any off the passwords before informing the others or disclose the password to anyone outside of Platinum, he/she will be evicted from the Platinum Group and be subject to pay a fine as outlined in §4.1.

§4.3 Breaking any of the other paragraphs in this contract

If any of the Founders break any of the rules and regulations outlined in the paragraphs above, the remaining Founders will decide what to do and if necessary the game admin will be contacted to take necessary actions.


Upon the eviction of any founder be it a temporary or a permanent eviction, the remaining founders will immediate change all Platinum related passwords, including the email accounts.

§5 Signing of the contract

This contract is not valid until all Founders have signed it. Once signed the contract shall be in effect permanently until cancelled by all Founders. It will be valid for all Platinum SO accounts. By signing this contract with the words “I agree to the contract terms”, the person that signs the contract agrees to abide to all of the above rules and regulations as outlined in all above paragraphs.

The contract was signed on 9/10/2008 by all founders in this forum post: [1]