Pohjoinen Prikaati

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Pohjoinen Prikaati

Pohjoinen Prikaati.jpg

General Information
Disbanded August 2010
Country Flag-Finland.jpg Finland
Colors Blue and white
Type Official army
Part of Finnish Army
Old army avatar (2011)

Pohjoinen Prikaati (The Northern Brigade) was the elite unit of Finnish army consisting of a fistful of elite soldiers. Only the most active soldiers with high strength could become the members of PPr. Each PPr soldier had to have served at the Finnish Rapid Reaction Force (NTJ) before joining the ranks of PPr. PPr was commanded directly by the Minister of Defence and its adjutants and the Secretary of State of Military Affairs.


The Northern Brigade was commanded by Commander of PPr who received the orders from the Minister of Defence and President.

PPr was replaced by Northern Guerilla Division (NGD) in August 2010 after many soldiers of Finnish Army quit the game. It was active for 1 year. PPr was re-established in December 2010 by Hawley who was the president of Finland at the time.

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