Poland-Austria War

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Poland-Austria War
Map of Poland-Austria War
Date May 20th, 2010 –
May 31st, 2010
Location Austria, Czech Republic
Result Poland repelled, Czech Republic liberated.
Flag-Poland.jpg Poland
Flag-Slovakia.jpg Slovakia
Flag-Croatia.jpg Croatia
Flag-EDEN.jpg EDEN
Flag-Austria.jpg Austria
Flag-Hungary.jpg Hungary
Flag-Slovenia.jpg Slovenia
Flag-Germany.jpg Germany
Flag-Phoenix.png Phoenix
Commanders and Leaders
Flag-Poland.jpg StrozeR Flag-Austria.jpg Rangeley
Flag-Hungary.jpg Kolozs

The Poland-Austria War was a war fought between May 20th, 2010, and May 31st, 2010. Occurring in the midst of Austrian efforts to counter the Croatian takeover, Poland was unsuccessful in its attempt to wipe Austria from the map for the May 25th Congressional elections. Combined with the mass banning of many Croatian multi-accounts, Austria was able to regain control of its congress and later fully repel Poland from its regions.

Slovakian Involvement

After Poland had successfully invaded the region of Lower Austria, which has high grain, it was land-swapped with Slovakia so they could have their own high raw material region. This was thought by many in Austria as a betrayal [1] as Austria had previously helped Slovakia out in the Battle of Bratislava between both the major alliances and Hungary.

Liberation of the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic had been invaded by Slovakia at roughly the same time Poland invaded Austria. Austria saw Poland satellite-nation of Slovakia as an enemy and supported the liberation of the Czech Republic.

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