Poland-Lithuania War

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Poland-Lithuania War
Date 4 October 2009 - –
5 October 2009
Location Lithuania
Territorial Changes Lithuanian-Latvian territory swap, reverted after Lithuania signed MPPs
Fights 277718
Flag-Poland.jpg Poland Flag-Lithuania.jpg Lithuania
Battles fought 11 (2 Poland-Lithuania; 9 territory swaps)
Fights 12732 (Poland-Lithuania); 264986 (territory swaps)
Total fights 277718

Poland-Lithuania War was a short war. It was started by Poland which wanted to conquer the high grain region of Sudovia and spoil the PEACE wargames. It was started at a moment when Lithuania had only a few MPPs. Although soon several countries started voting for MPPs, they would not be active until after the first Polish battles. Therefore it was decided Latvia would take over most of Lithuania until the end of voting and then give the territories back. The plan was a success and Polish forces decided not to attack Lithuania after the territory swap.

War No. 1 aftermath

Both sides claimed victory, as PEACE spent more money during the war and Lithuania was not conquered.

The war continued when everyone had already forgotten about it: after 9 months Poland attacked Lithuania when Latvia declared war to Lithuania as a consequence of Latvian Independence War.

War No. 2

In "War No. 2" only one battle (excluding the simultaneous Latvian attack) occurred. The poles were nowhere near winning, assuming the fact that they had way more battles ongoing and Lithuania had a much stronger army.