Poland-Netherlands War

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Poland-Netherlands War
Map of Poland-Netherlands War
Date 10 January 2011 –
14 January 2011
Location Flag-Netherlands.jpg Netherlands
Result Ended with annexation of Icon-Netherlands.png Netherlands
Flag-Poland.jpg Poland Flag-Netherlands.jpg Netherlands
Flag-Serbia.jpg Serbia

The Poland-Netherlands War was a small-scale conflict between Icon-Poland.png Poland and the Icon-Netherlands.png Netherlands.


Netherlands, a longtime member of PHOENIX, held on as one of the few remaining PHOENIX states following the departure of Icon-Hungary.png Hungary, Icon-Serbia.png Serbia and Icon-Turkey.png Turkey in December of 2010. Following their peace treaty with Hungary, tensions remained high between the Netherlands and powerhouse Poland (An EDEN member state) which had occupied the Icon-Germany.png German regions of North Rhine-Westphalia and Hesse.



Poland's invasion began on January 10, 2011. Polish forces attacked the Eastern Netherlands without formal support from other EDEN member states. The Netherlands, having only one Mutual Protection Pact, suffered a narrow defeat (8-7).

Poland proceeded to attack the Northern and Western Netherlands. The quick assaults both concluded in 8-1 victories for Polish forces. The final battle for the Southern Netherlands took place on January 14, 2011. Despite seeing more success than in the previous two battles, the Dutch forces lost control of the region (8-3).


In the days following the Polish invasion, Dutch resistance took place mostly in the Eastern Netherlands. After two resistance battles for the region, the Eastern Netherlands was back under Dutch control while similar resistance operations were being conducted against the Icon-United Kingdom.png United Kingdom. By January 19, 2011, the Northern Netherlands had been secured. by the closing days of January, the Netherlands had managed to maintain control over the two regions.