Poland-Netherlands War (May 2011)

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Poland-Netherlands War (May 2011)
Map of Poland-Netherlands War (May 2011)
Date 9 May 2011 –
19 May 2011
Location Flag-Netherlands.jpg Netherlands
Result Ended with annexation of Icon-Netherlands.png Netherlands, Poznan Treaty was signed
Territorial Changes Poland regained liberated Netherlands' regions
Flag-Poland.jpg Poland Flag-Netherlands.jpg Netherlands
Commanders and Leaders
Flag-Poland.jpgKhere Flag-Netherlands.jpgDaniel Parker

The Poland-Netherlands War (May 2011) (also known as 10 days Polish Intervention in the Netherlands) was a small-scale conflict between Icon-Poland.png Poland and the Icon-Netherlands.png Netherlands at the early May 2011.

Background of the war

Near end of April 2011, Poland, long-term Netherlands' overlord, was fighting in the Poland-France War. In that time, Dutch government saw that there was a chance to liberate some occupied-by-Poland Dutch lands. By that idea, Dutch organised and won during RW in Western Netherlands, liberating it from Polish occupation.


After some days, Poland-France War ended in Polish victory. At the same time, Polish Army stepped into lately liberated Dutch regions starting this brief conflict. After just 10 days, whole Dutch territories were under Polish Army's occupation.

Peace treaty negotiations - Poznan Treaty

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After seven days into the war, Dutch government offered Poland to start negotiations about peace treaty. By the 19th May 2011, war came to the end. Peace treaty was signed in Poznan, Poland with impartial, 3rd party witness from Macedonia.

Agreed post-war resistance

During Poznan Treaty negotiations, Dutch representant, Daniel Parker, current CP of the Netherlands, gave an idea to freely, without Polish Army resistance, liberate Northern Netherlands on 20th May 2011.

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