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Nationality Flag-Pakistan.jpg Pakistani
Date of birth 26 March 2009
Day 492
Date of death Unknown
Residence Icon-Pakistan.png Punjab
Sex Male
Newspaper Tales of Revolutionary
Congress member of Pakistan
26 December 2009 – 26 January 2010
26 February 2010 – 26 June 2010
President of Pakistan
6 August 2010 – 5 September 2010
Preceded by ishaqueghani
Succeeded by Agabey
6 March 2011 – 5 April 2011
Preceded by Vegera
Succeeded by raao
6 September 2011 – 5 November 2011
Preceded by raao
Succeeded by Umer Liaqat
Military rank Icon rank Lt Colonel.png Lt Colonel
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Policy was a Pakistani politician, Military Commander and Rap artist. He enjoyed picking out targets that are (were) enemies of Pakistan although he did not have any enemies within the Rap Industry himself. He was known to be eKashmiri and a staunch supporter of the eKashmiri Liberation Movement.

Early Life

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It is not known where or when Policy was born but his earliest sightings were in the slums of Turkey. He witnessed the slaying of many of his close friends there and is said to have carried a PAK-9 with him during his time there. Many times Policy was the only survivor of a gun battle between rival factions in the slums.

Later, he progressed to Russia where he heard that a Ghetto Child could live a better life and not worry about seeing his friends eMurdered. Exactly how he got there is shrouded in mystery because he was not a rich man in Turkey so therefore could not afford a plane ticket. Although, many have said he killed a Drug Baron who had ordered the death of many of his friends, stole his money and made his way to Russia. While in Russia he was known for his hard-working ethics and strong character.

Later, he made his way to his home country of Pakistan but first landed in Kashmir where he fought against the now occupying Indian Forces, after losing the war due to a lack of resources and being outnumbered he travelled over the border to Pakistan and settled in Punjab.


Upon arriving in Punjab he met the former Pakistani President and at that time, serving MOFA; Ahsan Shahbaz. After learning of his story Ahsan was shocked and looked upon Policy as a survivor. After a while, Policy met other notable figures in Pakistan such as pak_land and decided to join the "Pakistan Democratic Coalition" party (later known as Pro Pakistani). He was a 5-time Congressman and 1-time Party president. In May 2010 he decided to start Hurriyat, his own party.

During his life, he was elected as President of Pakistan on three occasions, Vice president on several occasions and ultimately got elected to Congress on 12 occasions.

Rap Career

Books.jpg This page contains fictional information. (What's this?)

Policy was the founder of Revolution Recordz and the rap group P.A.K.I, he was one of the best-selling artists in Pakistan and a role model for many youths. He was known for his strong diss tracks aimed at the enemies of Pakistan.