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Dictionary Definition

Political Takeover (coup) - a highly successful, unexpected stroke, act, or move; a clever or cowardly action or accomplishment, relating to or pertaining to politics.

eRepublik Definition

Political Takeover - Country (coup) - When a highly organized group from a densely populated Country moves into a separate country and gains political power of said country by out numbering other citizens in an election. (In the Country President Elections or Congress elections)
Political Takeover - Party (coup) - When a highly organized group from an opposition Party moves to a Party to gain political power by outnumbering members of the Party in an election. (In the Party President Elections)

Additional notes

Political Takeover (abbr. PTO) is a tactic done by large population community from a country to take over the government of a smaller country by migrating citizens (called PTOers) from the larger country to the smaller country and vote against the ruling government in the general election.

Only Indonesia has admitted to supporting the tactic, and a few citizens from Pakistan have ever been caught doing the same. This was a highly debated subject since this tactic never breaches any rules of eRepublik.

Anto-Political Takeover (abbr. ATO) or Anti-Takeover is a tactic done to prevent potential PTO. It can occur either when a PTO candidate comes to the elections or preventively there can always be an official candidate or candidates who are on the elections to ensure that no PTO attempt occurs.

Some of the examples of country Political takeovers

Beta takeovers

North Korea


New Zealand

Aotearoa - a Party comprised of Serbian PTOers.

United Arab Emirates

The ABOC, A PTO group consisting of Russians, led by Cl4trap, Who members have stolen more than Icon - Gold.gif 500 GOLD from the treasury and claimed by citizens in Icon-United Arab Emirates.png UAE to be Multi Accounting.


The group called Lazocrates or people of Lazocracy attacked Pakistan. Unfortunately, they got 50% success as all the treasury was divided into organizations and they weren't given access.

Later onwards the government of Pakistan used the dictatorship and gave its provinces for rent. That kept the already in PTOers to join congress and accept citizenship requests for more fellows.

Political takeover attempt in Switzerland

Romanian citizen Cronoss made multiple accounts in Switzerland in September 2012 and got them elected into Congress by voting for them with other multiple accounts. Then he used those multi-accounts that were in Congress to give himself and a couple of other Romanian citizens Swiss citizenship. They made a party called The Others and later a MU with the same name. In a couple of months, there were already at least 5 multi-account parties serving the PTO-ers. In October 2012, the multi-accounts in Congress proposed a Law to donate Flag-Switzerland.jpg 400,000 CHF from the country accounts to Fred and Barney (PTO-ers organization) a couple of minutes before all the current Congressmen lost their statuses, and no one was able to vote down the law except for one Congressman (ikacar).

This loss of funds was so devastating that the Swiss government signed a Nine month 3-Point Plan with Slovenia that said Slovenia would erase Switzerland off the map every month before the Congress elections, so that the PTO-ers couldn't steal any more money. The PTO-ers have tried to elect one of them as Country President, but failed. Since the beginning of this PTO, the Swiss government has tried tirelessly to stop Cronoss and The Others by publishing articles to publicly show the evils of the PTO-ers, coordinating voting on every election, signing treaties and agreements etc.

Unfortunately, there was little they could do, because Switzerland has a small population and even less active players, and to add to that, lots of active players left Switzerland when the crisis began. Cronoss was elected CP in March 2013, since his opposition failed to candidate anyone. Cronoss has signed MPPs with countries that are enemies of Switzerland and he has stopped trade with allies of Switzerland.


In congress elections on February 25th, 19/20 polish people passed in. Some people have thought that they're from Poland, but nobody's sure. The Government of Poland didn't support this action. Finally, fake congressmen have taken for about Icon - Gold.gif 100 GOLD and Flag-Mexico.jpg 80 000 MXN.

Sweden Party takeover

The Swedish communist party Arbetarepartiet MSAP was couped in the April 2009 party elections by future Neppoleons Nationalgarde led by neppons. However, the party were given back to the original owners and later on the coup was considered as a wake-up call to the Swedish politics.


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