Polska Partia Patriotyczna

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Polska Partia Patriotyczna

Party-Polska Partia Patriotyczna.jpg
General Information
Country Flag-Poland.jpg Poland
Abbreviation PPP
National rank 2
Forum ppp.cineq.info
IRC channel ppp
Colors White and Red
Founded November 2008
President DonaldMcKwacz
Vice President maxi1994
Secretary General Magic
Councillor Uzury Zezre
Spokesman HWJ TGS
Members 61
Congress Occupancy 5/40 seats, 13%
Orientation Center-Right
Ideology Libertarian

Polska Partia Patriotyczna is one of the largest political parties in Poland.

Party Presidents

Presidential Candidates

L - lose
W - win

The Dragons

Main article: The Dragons

Polska Partia Patriotyczna has also its special military unit, called The Dragons. It helps new party members in activating themselves and gaining knowledge about Republik.