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Welcome to the eCroatian Portal

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Flagball of Croatia.


World News

  • Country Presidential Elections occured recently as positions of power change.
  • Party Presidential Election take place all over the eworld.
  • Presidential Elections take place all over the eWorld.
Selected biography
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Plokite was born in Poland, thru invitte of his RL cousin Bristvica. He's born one day after congress elections in August. In that time, V2 was active, so he had some problems to understand the game, luckily, his friends helped him to learn how to play.

Since first day, he wanted to become newspaper editor, and some day maybe president or congressman. Media and politics was his passion.

After one month of playing, he moved to Croatia, and stayed there next two month. After that he started to wander thru whole world, and looking for a well payed job.

As he continued to play, he wanted to try political life. He was looking for a country with bigger chances to get into congress.

Plokite and Hurkancs became friends, and then he became congressman. His political career in Denmark was a successful and well done.

After Denmark signed the agreement to annexed to Sweden, he returned to Croatia, with hope that he will get chance to become congressman of Croatia in December 2010, which would also be an excellent Christmas gift.

Local News