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Dioism is the state religion in the Holy Empire of Pakistan.

It is the belief that the God Emperor of Pakistan, Dio Brando, created the world and all the laws behind it. As such it is one of the worlds largest religions having many adherents from across the whole world, only competing with Capitalism for number of followers.
Selected article
The Holy Empire of Pakistan is one of the largest countries in the New World, consisting of the territories of Pakistan, India, and China, dominating the geography of Central Asia. It's capital, Islamabad, lies near the western edge of Pakistan in the region of Punjab. Pakistan borders Norway to the north, Iran to the west, Japan to the east, and Thailand to the south. ☪

Selected biography
Dio Brando (1867 – N/A) was the God Emperor of the Holy Empire of Pakistan, the first President of the Stardust Crusaders, deity of the Dioist religion, Nobel Peace Prize recipient, philosopher, and the soon-to-be God Emperor of the New World.

He was well known for creating the Empire of Pakistan, the first and only theocracy in Erepublik. He was a well-known advocate of Socialism, as well as a famed philanthropist and lover of all great men. ☪

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The Swede, a famous piece of Pakistani propaganda by Glorious Failure.

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