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JKD003 is a citizen of Pakistan. He is founder of The Vault Pakistani Space Program, Bigger Bricks, Health Pack, and PAK-47.

JKD was born in the United States, Los Angeles sometime in the 1970’s into a commune of cats living in the back ally dumpster behind an Arby's. His mother gave birth to an astounding 32 kittens before dying of exhaustion. Of all the kittens JKD was the only one not stillborn and horribly deformed. According to the other cats who witnessed the birthing, JKD’s brothers and sisters were born with human lips, teeth, eyes, ears and nails, according to one cat’s account there was even a kitten born with the body of a baby human and the head of a kitten (citation needed). The kittens' deformities were reported to taste not of human flesh, but this may have little ground considering the commune only tasted the flesh of the homeless. ☪