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eRepublik Egypt
Welcome to the Egyptian Portal!

مرحبا بكم في البورتال المصرية!


Egypt is a Middle Eastern country.
It is one of the first three Arab countries, that were added to the game on the 19th of January 2011. It entered eRepublik under the control of TAGE - The Transitional Arab Government on eRepublik. It's neighbors are Cyprus to in the north, Israel in the north-east and Saudi Arabia in the east. Egypt participated in the Middle East War and conquered the region of Makkah from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Map of Egypt created by TAGE

Selected article
Party-Arab Liberal Party.png

The Arab Liberal Party was the first party of Egypt. The party was led by heboo which was acting as the first and second president of Egypt. She not only serving as the party president but also was the creator of the Arab Liberal Party. (Read more...)

Selected biography

Arab League was an Arab, who joined eRepublik on Mar 31, 2009, finding no Arab state to join to. He decided to move to Jerusalem, under Turkish Rule, seeing it the closest thing in the game to an Arab City. Arab League died for several months, and then woke up from the dead, only to find Jerusalem was liberated by Israel. He stayed in Israel, adapting to his new home, and joined TAGE, where he called for the creation of an Arab state, he finally manages to recruit people to align with TAGE's cause, and managed to create 3 new states. Arab League was assigned as the MoFA of TAGE, and joined his RL hometown Egypt, moving to Cairo, where was running for Congress under the Arab Liberal Party. He was President of Egypt. (More...)

Selected picture

Ball flag of Egypt - created by Martin23230

Did you know?
In the Middle East War, Egypt was leading with 4 regions held. Then, Saudi Arabia started to resist and Egypt lost one region. After that, Cyprus entered the battle and conquered Al Madinah from Egypt. Then, following Cyprus, Greece took captivity of Sinai, Red Sea Coast, Al Madinah and Al Qasim. In the end, Egypt was left with the one Saudi region of Makkah.

Selected War
Middle Eastern War.PNG

The Middle East War is the first war of the newly added Arabs states. It started on day 1,201 of the new world (March 5th 2011), between 4 of the 5 Middle Eastern nations. Egypt was allied with Croatia and Israel at first, but then the alliance with Israel broke off, and Egypt was only allied with Croatia. In the end, Egypt managed to conquer only one region of Saudi Arabia.

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