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Welcome to the Indian Portal

India is a country in South Asia. India is a small and growing country. It is one of the only neutral countries and it has many nations as its friends. India does not take part in wars but has regular training wars to help their citizens grow.

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Current Government

His job is to lead the country to glory and beyond, he is the head of the country and assigns ministers, gives orders and basically keeps the country together and running.

Prime Minister:
This job will be similar to the President's job. He will lead the country in case the President is not available due to any reason. If you have any questions for the President but you can't reach him, please contact our Prime Minister.

Minister of Internal Affairs:
Like the name says, the Minister of Internal Affairs is about the things that happen inside the country, like getting a hospital done or making sure people get wellness or are employed. If you have any question about what's going on in the country please contact him.

Minister of Foreign Affairs:
The Minister of Foreign Affairs keeps the relationships with foreign countries, he will try to make sure that we won't get any international trouble and he is the person to contact if you have any questions about foreign countries or events.

Minister of Defense:
Our most important guy when it comes to the military. He sets up the army and the divisions and he'll give out the orders in cases of war. If you have any questions about fighting wars, please contact him.

Minister of Finance:
This is the person who will try to make sure we all have a job and the prices on the market place are fine. Next to that, he will try to make us the best exchange rate with foreign currencies. If you have any questions regarding companies or anything other economical please contact him.

Minister of Media and Culture:
The job of the Minister of Media and Culture is to communicate with the people of India and act as the link between the government and the people

Head of National Police Force:
The job of the National Police Force is to search for multi's and people using exploits and report them to admins. They are also given some duties by the President as he wishes.

Minister of Fun:

The job of the Ministry of Fun is to make new competitions, lotteries and games that will keep Indian citizens entertained.
Selected article
The Congress of India is known as the Lok Sabha and it has a sub-forum in the Indian Forums. Here all the congressmen of India discuss India's future. There is also a sub-forum known as Lok Sabha (public) for the common person to discuss things.
Selected biography

Anjan Sarkar was a trusted and respected citizen of India who wanted to see India grow and develop. He has worked his entire e-life to help India even when India was taken over by Indonesia he was there helping India by leading the talks with the Indonesians. He has been Minister of Foreign Affairs for several terms (More...)

Selected picture
Azad Hind Fauj.jpg

Logo for Azad Hind Fauj party and logo.

Did you know?
*...that India has its own Q5 weapons company so it is able to provide its soldiers with cheap Q5 weapons. The company is not a government company but is run by two respected and trusted citizens of India.
Selected War

The Indonesia-India War was a war fought in Asia. It was fought between Indonesia and India. When Indonesia declared war on India, India quickly got MPP's with Many European Countries. The Indonesians decided to adopt another method to takeover India. The result of this war is that India lost its freedom. It is also sometimes regarded as the battle that sparked the start of World War 3. It is so as Romania declared war with the reason to act as a bodyguard for small Asian countries. (More...)

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