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Energy and Strenght

What is Energy and Strenght?

The Basics : Energy

  • It is a measure of how healthy your citizen is required to most things that you will do in game.
  • Your Energy can be found on the main game page and on your profile page.
  • As you will lose Energy per day for Working,Fighting and Training.
  • Everyone has 500 maximum Energy to recharge, and it can be improved by buying a house.
  • You may request food from your MU if you ran out of food by shouting in the MU channel!

Losing Energy

Several actions will reduce your Energy:

  • Working
You lose 10 Energy per working company you work for (per Job and Your own companies.)
  • Training
You lose 10 Energy when Training.
  • Fighting
You lose 10 Energy with each Fight.

Gaining Energy

Some actions actually boost your Energy:

  • Eating
You will gain 2 wellness per Quality Level. For example, a 10 unit of Q2 food will grand you 40 Energy. An exception is Q7, because it grants you 20 Energy per unit.
Food can be bought in the Marketplace or produced by your own companies.

Energy Bars are charging 100 Energy per usage, but they are pretty rare.


This stat measures how experienced is your citizen in the fields of battle. The more strength you have, the more damage you may do in a battle. Increasing strength will also make you get Super Soldier Medal thus 5 gold, so upgrading your training facilities is quite important.

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